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'The Hot Cop of Castro" Photo credit: Steven Kyle Weller
‘The Hot Cop of Castro’ | Photo credit: Steven Kyle Weller

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – From San Francisco’s gay Castro district to the four corners of social media, people are swooning over Chris Kohrs, the “Hot Cop of Castro.”  He has become one of the most recognized faces in the city and the Internet, almost eclipsing the popularity of the Stockton suspected felon Jeremy Meeks whose posted mugshot sent top designers pursuing him for modeling contracts and product endorsements.

But Kohrs has just revealed that he is not a real cop. He simply donned a police uniform  so that he could fit in the crowd when he visited the Castro one day.  He knew that it was quite common for visitors to the famed gay district to dress in a variety of attires ranging from nuns to marines to cops to divas. Apparently, someone took a smart phone photo of Kohrs and posted it on the Internet.  That’s when it went viral.

Amused at his sudden popularity, he continued wearing the police uniform each time he walked by the Castro. “I sort of am enjoying the attention,” said the soft-spoken Kohrs. Although he is not gay, he says he likes the very friendly atmosphere in the Castro.

In speaking with The Adobo Chronicles, Kohrs said that so far, he has not received any call from designers, but that Ellen DeGeneres wants him on the Ellen Show. Perhaps the beginning of a new career?







imageQuezon City, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – In Hollywood, we have the fashion police. In the Philippines, the police are fashionable.

Today, the Philippine National Police (PNP) unveiled the new uniform that will be donned by all members of the police force. It is a design that combines several fashion ideas put forward by some of the country’s top designers, the same artists that design gowns for beauty pageant contestants, movie stars and political matrons.

In soliciting ideas for a new police uniform, PNP asked designers for ideas that would take into account the hot and humid temperature in most cities and towns in the Philippines, as well as the beer bellies characteristic of most police officers.

“The PNP pretty much concedes that many police officers are unable to shed off the extra pounds or shrink their mid-sections since accepting bribes or extorting money to help support their beer and appetizer addictions has become the norm,” a PNP spokesperson said.

The new design fulfills PNP’s requirements as it uses a cooler cotton material and lighter color while creating the illusion of flat bellies with its untucked design.

The lighter color also helps generate clearer closed circuit television (CCTV) photos and videos of police officers who try to extort money from innocent drivers or pedestrians.