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Raissa Robles Will Donate One Centavo From Each Sale Of Her Book To Maria Ressa

2CE8E8FB-5F46-4A68-AAA9-1087BFD38118MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Let’s give it to the Yellows. Their unconditional support for each other is simply amazing!

Now that Rappler has been ordered closed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for violation of the Philippine Constitution’s ban on foreign ownership of media companies, Maria Ressa is desperately raising funds to help support her legal appeal to keep her online news source alive and kicking.

Enter Raissa Robles, author of some book called “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again,” and a blogger and Twitterer extraordinaire.

Today, Robles announced that she will donate one centavo from every sale of her one and only book, “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again” to Ressa.

Robles told The Adobo Chronicles, “Sino pa ba ang magtutulungan kundi kami-kaming mga dilawan. However, the best I can do is to donate one centavo per book sale.  Marami din kasi akong utang na dapat bayaran.  At saka di masyadong mabenta ang  book ko. But sabi nga nila, it’s the thought that counts.”



Exclusive: Our Lip-reading Expert Deciphers President Trump’s Star-spangled Banner Lyrics

269DE68B-7281-49C6-8C96-2C073F9BC2FBWASHINGTON, D.C.  (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – News and social media were abuzz with video clips showing U.S. President Donal Trump mouthing what appeared like incorrect lyrics to the Star-spangled banner.

(Trump has been very critical about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem at major sports events.)

We asked our expert lip-readerto try to decipher Trump’s lyrics, and here’s what he came up with:


Leni Robredo’s New Year Message To The Laylayan

B9B81D38-5F08-493D-B66C-2E4A9F79BFB7QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vice President Leni Robredo has a special message to the laylayan for the New Year, and it is filled with pumped up emotion.

The Adobo Chronicles obtained a yet unpublished copy of the statement which the OVP prepared just hours after the release of the latest SWS poll rating for Robredo.  The survey shows that Robredo’s support among what was supposed to be her most loyal followers — those in the ‘fringes’ of society, or laylayan — dropped.

Here is part of Robredo’s message:

Mga  minamahal kong kababayan sa  Laylayan:

Labis akong nalulungkot sa naging resulta ng pinakahuling SWS survey.

Hindi ko akalain na kayo — sa lahat ng Pilipino — ang tatalikod sa aking mga pagnanasa at paghihirap upang mapaunlad ang inyong mga kabuhayan.  Bakit?

Hindi pa ba sapat ang aking ginawa noong mga nakaraang buwan na magbiyahe sa mga sulok ng Pilipinas at makipag-selfie sa inyo? Peke lang pala ang mga ngiti ninyo sa ating mga retrato.

Ano pa  ba ang gusto ninyong gawin ko para magtiwala kayo sa akin?

Kung ganyan lang pala ang mapapala ko sa pagiging Bise-Presidente ninyo, aba eh mas mabuti nang manalo si BongBong sa darating na re-count ng nakaraang eleksiyon.

Here’s a rough translations from Google Translate:

“Dear Laylayan countrymen and women:

I am deeply saddened to hear of the latest SWS survey.

How dare you. Of all Filipinos, I never would have thought that you’d stab me from behind, after all that I did to improve your lives. Why o why?

I’ve gone out of my to visit you all in the darkest corners of the country, alway obliging to have selfies with you. Were  those all fake smiles?

What else can I do to earn your trust and loyalty?

If this is what I get in return for being your ever-loving Vice President, we might as well let Bongbong take over and forget the recount.”