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Vera Files Report: ‘Despacito’ Cases Rise With Duterte’s War On Drugs

58F0519F-999C-4E34-A4A6-FFB8275F1E4EMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vera Files is reporting that the number of ‘Desaparecido’ cases has risen with Duterte’s war on drugs.

Desaparecido refers to forced disappearances.

In the same report, it was stated that there have been over 20,000 extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the drug war, a number that seemed to have earned compounded interest from Rappler’s earlier claim of over 7,000 EJKs.

The Adobo Chronicles spoke with Vera Files’ Ellen Tordesillas and asked her about the Desaparecido cases and she said it was a misquote.

”What we wanted to report was that there has been an increase in Despacito fans since the launch of the drug war,” she said.4421B523-F8EC-4493-B754-9CB199941FDD

She was referring to the hit song popularized by Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi.

Ganoon naman pala eh. Vera Files has fact-checked its own news report.


PCOO Blunders Continue Unabated

A88FC9A8-B1EE-4E46-8AA4-0D605E1CE408MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Who can forget that grammatical error-ridden Press ID issued by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).  Or Asec Mocha Uson moving Mayon Volcano to Naga. Or revising world geography be creating a new country, Norwegia?

Honest mistakes, some say, but when it becomes a pattern, then that’s a different story altogether.

In a post about the passing of former National Security Adviser Jose Rolio Golez, PCCO mistakenly identified him as Rogelio Golez.  Other Mainstream News outlets also committed the same error, and we wonder if they were basing their reports on the PCOO post.F99133E0-861F-4CA3-9C6C-9099E7A4C019

At least, PCOO posted the correct photo of Golez, and not one of this openly-gay Filipino champion boxer Roilo Golez.


Florin Hilbay’s Cryptic Independence Day Tweet

3D89DBF9-0994-4159-A068-3F724C79B7EFMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Internetdom was awash with speculation, confusion and gossip resulting from a cryptic tweet posted by former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay on June 12, Independence Day.

His tweet, accompanied by a photo of Vice President Leni Robredo saluting the Philippine flag during Independence Day ceremonies, said:

”No 2, we’re all waiting for the day you assume your rightful place — No. 1.”  It also bore the hashtags #IndependenceDay2018 and #BabaeAko.

Netizens who saw the tweet asked, “Was Hilbay referring to Robredo, the No. 2 highest official of the land, or Robredo, the No. 2 in a rumored romantic relationship with a married man?  (A Manila Times column recently speculatated that Robredo’s refusal to confirm or deny the rumor gives the impression of truth.)

Others said, “Does No. 1 mean the presidency, or a reference to being the No. 1 partner in a romantic relationship?”

As far as the hashtags are concerned, some asked if  #IndependenceDay2018 implied a forthcoming court dissolution of a marriage, and if #BabaeAko represented Hilbay’s take on ‘the other woman.’

These are all speculation of course, but we welcome any input from Hilbay or the Office of the Vice President.