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Rappler’s Maria Ressa Takes To Twitter To Assert Her Superiority Over The Law



Mambabatok Whang-od Denies Giving Bong Go A Tattoo

1C795D1B-42EB-4EB2-95C6-B20C825B60DB.jpegKALINGA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Detractors of Senatorial candidate Bong Go are not buying his latest antic lifting up his shirt in public to prove he doesn’t have any tattoo. They insist the former Special Assistant to President Duterte got tattooed by Whang-od.

Whang-od Oggay, also known as Maria Oggay, is a Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines. She is often described as the “last” and oldest mambabatok.

Today, The Adobo Chronicles traveled to Kalinga to ask Whang-od if she, indeed, gave Go a tattoo.

“Bong who,” Whang-od asked, confirming that she has ever met the Senatorial candidate, nor would she ever want to.

Speaking in her native dialect, Whang-od said the only mestizo she is dying to meet in person is ‘Ang Probinsiyano’ lead actor Coco Martin.

So let’s put all tattoos to rest. Especially Bong Go’s!

Jim Paredes Volunteers To Give Up His Dual Citizenship

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – One big difference between Duterte critics Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and retired entertainer Jim Paredes is that Ressa will not give up her dual citizenship no matter what.

But  Paredes is the opposite.  He told The Adobo Chronicles he is happy to let go of one of his citizenships if only to show the world that he is truly sorry about that viral sex video which has brought shame and scandal to both his  (dual)  citizenships.

”Today, I am announcing  that I will voluntarily  renounce my senior citizenship in order to protect the dignity and  reputation of my country’s senior citizens,” Paredes, 67, said.