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Kris Aquino Banned From Future Appearances In Hollywood

6DC0CA40-BD3C-4243-9BEF-ACECCCA8E125.jpegHOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – Even the most famous celebrities of Hollywood know the rule: you don’t cross the line and breach security protocol at red carpet premieres.  Not even to greet your fans.

Well, Kris Aquino did just that during the red carpet premiere of the new box office film, “Crazy Rich Asians” in which the self-proclaimed Philippines ‘Queen of all Media’ appears on a wedding scene for less than a minute.

A handful of Filipino fans gathered to get a glimpse of the former Presidential sister, many of them (who haven’t seen the film) thought Aquino was the lead star. We’ll she’s been acting that way.

So, back to the Hollywood protocol.

Because she violated time-honored rules, the Hollywood Association of Film Producers and Others (HAFPO) has passed a resolution at its executive meeting last night, permanently banning Aquino from personal appearances in Hollywood.

Well, Aquino had her one-minute of fame, but she’s paying dearly for it.



Senators Hard At Work: Hontiveros Wants To Declare August As Monsoon Month; Poe Wants Inquiry On Kris Aquino’s Role in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

5FEC50FE-394A-49D6-B656-5B1F9A17291DMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Philippines’ Senate probably holds the distinction of being the most hardworking legislature anywhere in the world.

Here’s more proof:

  • Senator Risa Hontiveros, fresh from her proposal to declare August 16 as a National Day of Remembrance to honor Kian Delos Santos, the 17-year-old who was killed in anti-drug operations of Caloocan City police last year, is now proposing to declare the entire month of August as ‘Monsoon Month.’ Hontiveros said this is to sympathize with millions of Filipinos who have experienced non-stop monsoon rains this month.  Her bill leaves it up to local government units (LGUs) on how they would like to celebrate or commemorate the occasion.
  • Senator Grace Poe who is known for her fierce advocacy against fake news, derailed planes at NAIA and other national issues, is now proposing to hold a Senate inquiry on the role of Kris Aquino in the Hollywood box office hit, “Crazy Rich Asians.”  Specifically, Poe wants to invite the film’s producers to question them on why Aquino’s screen appearance took just seconds despite all the hoopla about the Queen of all Media’s ‘first MAJOR Hollywood project” and the huge number of luggages and garment bags she brought with her to Singapore during the filming.

If you have any advocacy you would like the lady Senators to focus on, please contact their Senate offices directly.

Maria Ressa’s Bad Hair Day And Rappler’s Bad Poetry Day

F647EC61-DF8D-424A-9DB4-6F7E3F871B4FMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It must have been a slow news day at Rappler.  Either that or its CEO Maria Ressa was just having a bad hair day.

In a tweet, Rappler asked netizens to submit some bad poems in celebration of Bad Poetry Day. What they got were some brilliant responses — not just from ordinary netizens but famous personalities, including Vice President Leni Robredo, former PNoy spokesperson Edwin Laciera, and popular blogger Mark Lopez.

Here are some of the responses received by Rappler:




And here was VP Leni Robredo’s reply…B2B772EF-C9C6-481D-965F-3CAD6C7EFD33.jpeg

Even our own publisher couldn’t help but throw his hat into the ring…