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Maria Ressa To Rename Rappler


MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – CEO Maria Ressa has decided to rename her online news source, Rappler.

The decision came on the heels of the recent announcement that business tycoon Ramon Ang is purchasing The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Both the Inquirer and Rappler have the reputation of being the mouthpiece of the Liberal Party and its coalition of Yellows.

Sensing that Rappler might be next on the chopping block, Ressa decided to rename Rappler as a way of reinventing itself while maintaining its mark as the voice of the Opposition.

The new name is Rippler which suggests that the online news source will continue its mission of ripping the credibility of the Duterte administration and those who support it — that’s more than 80% of the entire Filipino population.

It could also mean that the online news source will continue to rip off its investors and followers, purporting to be the vanguard of investigative journalism while reaping the benefits of financial gain.

Or, it could also be a foreboding of what’s about to befall Rappler — its subsequent demise. R.I.P., Rippler.


St. Scholastica’s College To Lose Accreditation As An Educational Institution

IMG_3054MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  If shoes were made for walking, then schools are there for learning.

With this in mind, the Philippines’ Department of Education today stripped St. Scholastica of its accreditation on the grounds that it has failed in its mission as a learning institution.

St. Scho, as it is more popularly known, has been fielding its young students to various political protests and rallies, allowing them to skip their classes and be the “face” of Filipino youth fighting for their f*cked up future.

Whether it is to protest the Marcos burial or Duterte’s war on drugs, the ever-smiling, seemingly innocent teenagers have been in the forefront, supporting the political agenda of the Opposition, notably St. Scho alumnus Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Parents of the students have consistently complained that their kids seem to be regressing instead of progressing in their knowledge since enrolling at the previously all-girls Catholic school.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Internal Revenue is considering issuing an order to the school to pay back taxes that it had previously been exempt from as a nonprofit, religious organization.

This is a developing story.  Check back for updates.

Jollibee To Sue Senator Risa Hontiveros

IMG_3047.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Jollibee is suing Senator Risa Hontiveros after the latter dragged the name of the Philippines’ largest fast food chain into politics.

The lawsuit stems from a recent statement by Hontiveros seeking for a thorough deliberation on President Rodrigo Duterte’s recommendation for a 60-day extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Hontiveros said that asking for a martial law extension is not as easy as ordering from a fast-food restaurant. “While I look forward to the joint session that Congress will convene on this matter, hindi dapat madaliin ang prosesong ito (this process should not be rushed),” Hontiveros said in a text message on Tuesday.

“Ang paghingi ng Martial Law extension ay hindi parang umoorder lang sa Jollibee. Congress is not a fastfood restaurant,” she said.

A spokesperson from Jollibee told The Adobo Chronicles that their company is apolitical.  Our main mission is to serve the culinary needs of Filipinos here and abroad.  “We resent that Hontiveros is dragging our name in dirty politics,” he said.

Upon hearing of the lawsuit, former presidential sister Kris Aquino offered Hontiveros the use of Chowking, another popular fast-food chain. Aquino owns a Chowking franchise.