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OPERATION LUGAW: VP Leni Robredo Appeals For Donations For Marawi City

IMG_1621.JPGQUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Just hours after President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao following the terrorist siege of Marawi City, Vice President Leni Robredo activated her office’s relief operations. And what better way to do it than with something she is most expert in: lugaw.

Calling it “Operation Lugaw,” Robredo is appealing to Filipino citizens both here and abroad to make a donation to help the victims cope with the dire situation in Marawi and wherever some have chosen to evacuate to.

The goal of “Operation Lugaw” is to purchase 10 metric tons (10,000 kilos) of well-milled rice so that volunteers of the Office of the Vice President can cook lugaw (congee) for residents who have fled or are holed up in their homes because of the clashes between government troops and the terrorists.

“Because they are unable to leave their homes to go to the market, or cook their meals because of the lack of electricity, the Marawi folks rely on cooked food to nourish their families,” Robredo said. “Our volunteers are ready to cook lugaw.”

Robredo also asked the National Food Authority (NFA) to loan the OVP with enough rice supply for the congee while donations are still coming in.

It wasn’t clear whether Robredo made the appeal from her Quezon City office or if she is on the ground in Marawi overseeing the relief operations.


Raissa Robles Releases New Book On Martial Law

IMG_1610.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s been years in the making, and now blogger (a.k.a. investigative journalist) Raissa Robles is finally releasing the sequel to her book, “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again.”

Shortly after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao Tuesday night following the terrorist siege of Marawi City, Robles started shipping out her new masterpiece titled “Martial Law: Together Again.”

Copies of the new book have been gathering dust in her garage for quite some time now and she can only breathe a sigh of relief that she can finally recoup her investment.

Congratulations, Raissa!

EU Ends Visa-Free Travel For Americans; Philippines To End Visa-Free Travel For EU Citizens

IMG_1587.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The European Parliament has voted to end visa-free travel for Americans within the EU.

It comes after the US failed to agree to visa-free travel for citizens of five EU countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania – as part of a reciprocity agreement. US citizens can normally travel to all countries in the bloc without a visa.

The vote urges the revocation of the scheme within two months, meaning Americans will have to apply for extra documents for 12 months after the European Commission implements a “delegated act” to bring the change into effect.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, lawmakers are set to vote for the revocation of the visa waiver for citizens of the European Union traveling to the island nation. This, after the EU Parliament passed two resolutions that interferes with the internal affairs of the Philippines.

Filipino Senators and Congressmen declared EU as ‘persona non grata’ after it called for the investigation of the alleged extrajudicial killings under President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs and demanding the immediate release of incarcerated Senator Leila De Lima who has been charged with drug-related crimes.

Under current Philippine immigration law, citizens of EU countries can visit the Philippines for up to 30 days without a visa.

If the new law is passed, EU citizens will be forced to never leave home without a visa (in addition to American Express and MasterCard) when traveling to the Philippines 🇵🇭.