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Rappler Plans To Move Its Operations To Atlanta, Georgia

F647EC61-DF8D-424A-9DB4-6F7E3F871B4FMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  Insisting that her online news source Rappler is a victim of government harassment and intimidation, Maria Ressa (Rappler’s CEO) announced today that she is finalizing plans to move her online news source’s operations  to Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.A.

Atlanta is is the headquarters of CNN, Ressa’s former employer.

”We want total press freedom and it only makes sense that we operate from within  a country that is the beacon of free speech and press freedom,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles.

It wasn’t clear from Ressa’s statement whether  she was willing to pay the federal and local taxes that comes with establishbing and opearting a business venture in the U.S.


Why Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe Title May Be The Last For The Philippines

57A01D0A-80DD-4F98-98F9-921D50BD4AB7BANGKOK, Thailand (The Adobo Chronicles, Bangkok Bureau) – Many who watched yesterday’s 2018 Miss Universe Pageant couldn’t help notice a major change in the way the top 20 finalists were chosen.

The contestants were grouped into three regions of the world: Asia Pacific/Africa, Europe and the Americas.  Five candidates from each of the regions were chosen as semi-finalists, with another five ‘wildcards’ who were chosen at random from all three regions.

Beginning next year, the Miss Universe Organization is expected to implement yet another major change which could mean that Catrio Gray’s crown may be the last for the Philippines.

The new rule stipulates that no country will win the crown more than four times.  Gray’s crown is the Philippines’ fourth (other Filipina crown holders were Gloria Diaz, Margarita Moran and Pia Wurtzbach).

As such, all countries which have already won the crown four times or more (other countries like the U.S.A. and Venezuela have won the crown more than four times), will no longer be eligible to win the title.  These countries may still send their respective candidates as “ambassadors of goodwill.”

The Miss Universe Organization told The Adobo Chronicles that the rationale behind this new rule is to give other countries a better shot at winning the title.

Talk about spreading the wealth, we mean the crown.


Leni Robredo Wants To Hire New Miss Universe Catriona Gray As Her Speechwriter

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Now it can be told. While Miss Philippines Catriona Gray had the looks, poise and presence to win the Miss Universe crown, it was her brilliant response to the final question that  did the trick.

Her response to the final question impressed not just the all-female panel of judges, but also Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo who is known for public statements  that often embarrass her and the Office of the Vice President.

Today, Robredo said she wants to hire Gray as her new speechwriter/spokesperson.

”She’s from the Bicol region like myself, so I hope that she would consider that in favorably responding to my offer,” Robredo said.

Robredo’s statement didn’t sit well with Georgina Hernandez, for obvious reasons.