Malacañang Declares May 18 A Non-Working Holiday

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It is no secret that Filipinos are avid fans of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant and that they take the performance of their representative very seriously. Especially owners and workers of salons and beauty parlors, many of whom are members of the LGBT community.

Miss Universe is the LGBT community’s “Super Bowl.”

As we already know, the Philippines’ representative to the international pageant didn’t win nor made it to the top 10, to the dismay of the country’s entire population, especially the salon and parlor workers.

So, in recognition of the big disappointment of the salon and parlor workers, the palace declared May 18 a non-working holiday throughout the country to give them the chance to grieve and to pick themselves up from their frustration.

So if you have scheduled a salon and parlor appointment for May 18, you are advised to call to re-schedule.

Duterte Responds To Challenge From Actress Agot Isidro

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – On the occasion of the first-month anniversary of the launch of the community pantry, actress and known member of the political Opposition Agot Isidro challenged President Rodrigo Duterte to issue a congratulatory greeting.

Duterte wasted no time in responding to Isidro. Here is the President’s response in full:

New 24-Hour Convenience Store Chain A Threat To 7-Eleven

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – For decades now, 7-Eleven has dominated the 24-hour convenience store business in the Philippines, but now it is threatened by a newly set up chain — Five-6 — expected to open stores all across the country.

Five-6 (5-6) is widely known among Filipinos as a loan shark scheme whereby repayment comes with high interest. Basically, for every five pesos one borrows, the repayment is six pesos, or around 20% interest.

But the owners of Five-6 told The Adobo Chronicles is a far cry from the 5-6 scheme as we know it.

Rather, the concept behind the convenience chain is that for every 5 pieces of the same item you buy, you get a 6th piece free. For example, if you bought a 6-pack of San Mig Light, you only pay for 5. Half a dozen eggs will cost you the price for 5.

This may not approximate the now popular community pantries, but it’s a good, cost-saving perk that comes with the convenience of a 24-hour grocery service.

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