Duterte Appoints Thinking Pinoy As New Executive Secretary

A3352B1E-4930-4054-92F9-74F6815E409AMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – ‘Tis the season for firing and hiring at Malacañang Palace.

After firing staff of the Presidential Commission on Urban Poor (PCUP), President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed R.J. Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy (TP) as his new Executive Secretary.  The President appears to be more all ears (see photo) to TP than to paid officials and staff at the palace.

For starters, T.P. just wrote and submitted a memo to the President  updating him on the hot-button issue of Dengvaxia, the Dengue vaccine manufactured and distributed by the French Senofi Pharmaceuticals.

Dengvaxia was administered to more than 800,000 school kids under the free Dengue vaccination program launched by the PNoy administration.

Senofi has acknowledged that the vaccine could cause severe Dengue among those innoculated but have not had a previous episode of the disease.

It wasn’t clear whether Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea will remain in his post or will be given another appointment.

The Adobo Chronicles tried to reach Medialdea for comment but we could not locate him in Baguio City where he was reportedly scouting for a newer and bigger summer residence for the Office of the Executive Secretary.

We’ll now see you more often in Baguio, TP! At the new summer residence…


Rappler To Purchase PCOS Machines To Boost Its Fundraising

142BEF28-46AC-40F9-8A98-0944D9AF7C13MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –With 17 days left for its goal of Five Million Pesos, Rappler has decided to purchase about a dozen PCOS machines to help boost its fundraising for its online news operations.

Rappler has been struggling to reach its goal, raising only about 12 percent as of today.

So much is at stake for this fundraising — reputation as well as finances — that CEO Maria Ressa is leaving no stone unturned to make this a huge success.

We all know about the PCOS machines used in the last Philippine presidential elections.  The machinese have reportedly boosted the votes of some candidates, including Leni Robredo whose Vice Presidency is now being challenged before the Presidential Election Tribunal (PET) by defeated candidate Bongbong Marcos.

Poll watchers will be closely monitoring any suspicious increase in the amount of donations under the Rappler fundraising in the next 17 days, to make sure that the PCOS machines do not tamper with the actual figures.


NoyNoy Aquino Returning To The Senate!

7AB60298-C93F-447D-957F-B106A9ACF18AMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – And you thought you were done with NoyNoy Aquino when he stepped down as President in 2016. Think again.

Reliable sources have informed The Adobo Chronicles that the ex-President is indeed returning to the Senate.

But not as a Senator.  Rather, as a witness in the ongoing Senate investigation on the Dengue vaccine mess.

Many will recall that it was during PNoy’s administration that the controversial (and now potentially unsafe) vaccine Dengvaxia was approved under the government’s Dengue immunization program without the appropriate recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Aquino reportedly wants to tell the truth at the Senate investigation.

But can he handle the truth?

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