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Yellow Bloggers Turn Turn Their Backs On Kris Aquino

CA1C6E64-0F08-4C55-967B-17C8785D07FBMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It didn’t take long since Kris Aquino praised President Rodrigo Duterte for the Yellow bloggers to turn their backs on the ex-President’s sister.

It all started when Aquino ranted on her Instagram Account following taped segment aired by Korina Sanchez on her TV show.  The segment featured Aquino’s ex-husband James Yap.

Not only did Aquino call the segment a slap on her face by the Missus of former presidential candidate Mar Roxas whom Kris campaigned for; she also was all praises for Duterte’s kindness.

To her surprise, Aquino was instantly blocked from the Twitter accounts of her former Yellow army friends, including Jim Paredes, Cynthia Patag, Maria Ressa and Raissa Robles.




Kris Aquino’s 180-Degree Turn: From Yellow To Red; Next DSWD Secretary?

CA1C6E64-0F08-4C55-967B-17C8785D07FB.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Kris Aquino couldn’t be yellower than yellow.  She was the poster girl for the political opposition headed by her brother NoyNoy.

Or she was.

Now, Aquino made a 180-degree turn and is now singing praises for President Rodrigo Duterte whom she campaigned against when Mar Roxas was a presidential candidate.

43FBB24C-1395-496D-9016-6D0954357737In a long post on her social media account, Aquino not only said she now understands why Duterte was elected.  She also berated Mar Roxas’s wife, Korina Sanchez who interviewed Kris’ ex-husband James Yap.  Aquino called it a slap on her face.

How the world turns.

Is Duterte ready to nominate Aquino as the next DSWD Secretary?