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Leaked Video Of Senator Trillanes’ Press Conference: Once More, With Feeling

E8B2B4DD-F240-4084-A5CF-B08912C82C12MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – How Senator Trillanes wished that his embarrassing interview with Stephen Sackur of BBC News  were rehearsed before the live broadcast.  But no such luck.

It’s a different scenario altogether in his press conferences with local Mainstream News Media.  He gets to do a “Take 2,” with media folks even advising him to do it with “feeling.”

Do we see a lawsuit by Trillanes against the media person that leaked this video?



Vera Files Report: ‘Despacito’ Cases Rise With Duterte’s War On Drugs

58F0519F-999C-4E34-A4A6-FFB8275F1E4EMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vera Files is reporting that the number of ‘Desaparecido’ cases has risen with Duterte’s war on drugs.

Desaparecido refers to forced disappearances.

In the same report, it was stated that there have been over 20,000 extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the drug war, a number that seemed to have earned compounded interest from Rappler’s earlier claim of over 7,000 EJKs.

The Adobo Chronicles spoke with Vera Files’ Ellen Tordesillas and asked her about the Desaparecido cases and she said it was a misquote.

”What we wanted to report was that there has been an increase in Despacito fans since the launch of the drug war,” she said.4421B523-F8EC-4493-B754-9CB199941FDD

She was referring to the hit song popularized by Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi.

Ganoon naman pala eh. Vera Files has fact-checked its own news report.

Vatican To Investigate Miracle Attributed To Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo!

AD7C276E-DFC9-4C21-ADD6-6428694A9A94THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Miracles are usually attributed to dead holy men and women awaiting to be canonized as saints by the Roman Catholic Church.  But The Vatican is now investigating a miracle that is being attributed to Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo who is very much alive.

It all happened on June 12, 2018, during ceremonies commemorating the Philippines’ 120th anniversary of its Independence from Spain.

Garbed in an off-shoulder dress, Robredo — disregarding conventional protocol — executed a salute to the Philippine flag.  Lo and behold, snow suddenly poured from the sky, drenching her and others in attendance.  It was quite a relief from the hot and humid weather that Manila was experiencing just days before.

It doesn’t snow in the Philippines.  In fact it only has two seasons, the wet and dry seasons.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) reported the incident to The Vatican which is now investigating the supernatural occurrence.

Will Robredo be the new “living saint” now that Mother Theresa has moved on to the next world?