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Senators Aquino, Hontiveros File Bill To Declare February 29 As Maria Ressa Day

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Senators Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros could only empathize with Rappler CEO Maria Ressa for the legal troubles that she has been going through in the light of charges and warrants of arrest against her for alleged tax evasion and cyber libel.

The two Opposition Senators believe that what’s happening to Ressa is a deliberate attempt on the part of the Duterte administrtion to suppress Press Freedom and to intimidate Ressa for her anti-Duterte stance.

In recognition of her heroic efforts to fight the establishment, Aquino and Hontiveros have jointly filed a Senate Bill that would declare Feb. 29 this year as Maria Ressa Day.

In their proposed legislation, the Senators  are urging the Filipino people to light a candle and fast for 24 hours on February 29 in solidarity with Ressa and in protest of  what they are calling the persecution of a brilliant, dedicated and non-partisan journalist.

Surprisingly, the proposed bill seems to have 100% support from the Senate, and that Duterte is expected to sign it.


Raissa Robles Jealous Of Maria Ressa’s Sudden Fame

F2AACE79-6981-45D5-A9FF-2B31B711A32E.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Many thought they were twins separated at birth, but look-alikes Raissa Robles and Maria Ressa — both staunch critics of the Duterte administration, and both claiming to be investigative journalists —may have some professional jelousy going on between them.

Ressa’s recent brush with the law for tax evasion and cyber libel has brought her sudden fame both here and abroad.  Ressa claims that the charges as well as warrants of arrest issued against her are nothing but intimidation and suppression of the Freedom of the Press.

Now, Robles, author of a book on the Marcos Martial Law, is seriously considering not paying her income taxes as well as taxes due on her book sales so that a similar case like that of Ressa can be brought upon her, paving the way for her to also claim Suppression of Press Freedom, political persecution and intimidation.

Uncomfirmed reports indicate that news anchor Karen Davila and journalist Inday Espina-Varona are thinking the same thing.

Moral of the story: if you’re a journalist, or claiming to be one, and you want fame — go ahead and violate Philippine law.  You will have the biased media and even the United Nations Commissioner on Human Rights backing you up.



A Tale Of Two Presidents: Duterte And PNoy

613F01B8-5EF5-4F37-A95F-D79DF6AABD60.jpegDAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Davao Bureau) – President Rodrigo Duterte donated his house in Margarita Village along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City to the House of Hope, a charity group providing temporary shelter to children with cancer.

House of Hope Foundation vice president Fatima-Inderah Disomimba said during Kapihan sa PIA Friday, February 15, that the property was transferred to them last January based on a deed of donation signed by the President.

In the past years, Duterte allowed the use of his three-bedroom house at Margarita Village for the House of Hope but at that time, the title to the property was still under his name.

The Davao Children’s Cancer Fund, Inc. (DCCFI), or the House of Hope (aka Kids of Hope), mainly operates using donations.

Meanwhile, former President NoyNoy Aquino set up a barricade in the perimeter of the Aquino family home on 25 Times Street in Quezon City.