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Miss Universe Pageant To Scrap National Costume Competition Starting Next Year

ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles, Atlanta Bureau) – Thanks to Miss Phlippines, Miss Laos and other Miss Universe contestants, pageant organizers have announced that they will scrap the “National Costume Competition” starting next year.

Miss Philippines appeared in an over-the-top silver gown and oversized headdress.  She was tucked in between two giant silver eagles which supposedly represented her country’s national bird.

Miss Laos, on the other hand, paraded with a huge elephant while making a political statement about protecting the Amazon rainforest.

”While we appreciate the  time and effort put in by contestants and their designers  to grab the most attention during the annual national costume competition, many costumes were not only outrageous but have not been representative of the contestants’ native countries,” a Miss Universe Organization spokesperson said.

”This year alone, we’ve seen eagles and elephants, a well as out-of-this-world headdresses that remind us of the San Francisco cabaret show, “Beach Blanket Babylon.”

Pageant officials also complained that the bulky costumes have caused serious space problems at the pageant venues, but have also irked the airlines because of the oversized luggage and baggage brought in by the Miss Universe hopefuls.

Miss Philippines Enters The Wrong Miss Universe Competition

ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles, Atlanta Burau) – There seems to have been some miscommunication between the Miss Universe Organization and the Philippines’ bet for the international beauty pageant.

As soon as Gazini Ganados stepped on stage as part of the National Costume Competition, she realized she may have worn the wrong attire.  She appeared in an over-the-top silver gown, complete with headdress and a silver eagle on either shoulder,

Speaking with The Adobo Chronicles backstage, Ganados said she and her designer misread the guidelines issued by the Miss Universe Organization.

”We were so excited that we totally missed the “National Costume Competition” part of the guidelines.  We thought it said “Halloween Costume Competition.”

Gazini dispelled rumors that she will be donning a “Darna” costume during the final night’s swimsuit competition.

Philippines Has Two Chances For Miss Universe Crown This Year

ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adob Chronicles, Atlanta Bureau) –  When the 2019 edition of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant kicks off this week, the Philippines will have two chances of winning the crown — making the odds of a back-to-back victory (the reigning title holder is Filipina Catriona Gray) unbeatable.

Philippines wil be represented by, well, Miss Philippines and Miss Belgium.

Miss Philippines is Gazini Ganados and Miss Belgium is Angeline Flor Pua.

While born in Belgium, Pua’s father is Chinese-Filipino and her mother is Filipina.  Philippines is in her blood.

Bring out the popcorn and gear up for the next Miss Universe —another Filipina?

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