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Philippines To Deny Entry To Amal Clooney?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It is universal knowledge that any country reserves the right to allow or not to allow the entry of foreign nationals for whatever reason — even if that reason is unreasonable.

Dubious sources tell The Adobo Chronicles that Amal (Mrs. George) Clooney will be denied entry into the Philippines if ever she decides to visit with her new client, Maria Ressa.

It has recently been reported that Clooney, a  British-Lebanese Human Rights attorney, has joined Ressa’s legal team that will defend the Rappler CEO in her legal troubles, including tax evasion, cyber libel and Constitutional violation on media ownership in the Philippines.

Sources say that the Bureau of Immigration is looking at barring Clooney because of her expressed intention to practice law in the country which is not allowed for foreigners. Foreign nationals on tourist visas are prohibited from seeking or accepting local employment.

Well, Clooney will just have to meet her client in the U.K., Lebanon or the U.S. Ressa is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the U.S.


The Real Reason Iceland Initiated U.N. Resolution Against Duterte’s War On Drugs

NEW YORK,  New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – Now it can be told. The real reason Iceland authored a  U.N. resolution calling for an investigation of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs had nothing to do with extra-judicial killings, or with, well, drugs.

Rather, reliable sources told The Adobo Chronicles it was more because of Duterte’s war on corruption.

Iceland is very worried that Duterte’s crusade against government corruption could bring worldwide attention to the Nordic country’s own corruption record.

Many believe that Iceland is the most corrupt of all the Nordic countries.


U.S. Defense Secretary Wants To Rescind Mutual Defense Treaty With The Philippines

The U.S. Seventh Fleet

WASHINGTON. D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – The United States was caught offguard when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte challenged Uncle Sam to fire the first shot and to deploy the Seventh Fleet in the West Philippine Sea as way to resolve the terrotorial dispute involving China.

Duterte said his country will be behind the U.S. , citing a decades-old Mutual Defense Treaty. Signed in 1951, the treaty contains eight articles and dictates that both nations would support each other if either the Philippines or the United States were to be attacked by an external party.

But now, U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Michael Shanahan has found a way out of Duterte’s challenge: he wants to rescind the treaty altogether!

Speaking with The Adobo Chronicles, Shanahan said the Philippines did not keep its part of the bargain when America was attacked on 9-11. “So why would we keep ours in the ongoing conflict between the Philippines and China? It did nothing to help the U.S. when we were attacked,” he added.

We tried to reach Philippine Senator Panfilo Lacson for comment but his mobile phone was on low batt.

Lacson earlier made a statement that the Philippines should not wait for an armed aggression by China before invoking its Mutual Defense agreement with the U.S.

This is a developing story.