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Maria Ressa Retracts Attacks On The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Many vicious attacks on the Philippine government, especially on President Rodrigo Duterte, have been attributed to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.

Democracy is dead.”

Press Freedom is threatened.”

The Philippines is the worst war zone.”

The law is being weaponized to silence Rappler.”

All these rhetoric have earned for Ressa many international awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

But now, Ressa is retracting all these pronouncements and propaganda.

This, after she was allowed by the Philippines’ Court of Appeals to leave the country despite departure hold orders against her. — not once, but twice.

She was recently allowed to travel to the United States to conduct lectures at Harvard University. Now she has been given the pass to travel to Oslo, Norway to personally receive her controversial Nobel Prize.

”I apologize for second-guessing the government, especially the courts and the justice system,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles.

”I am just thrilled that I am free to travel abroad and talk to the international community about my Philippine experiences as a businesswoman, a dealer in securities and a poster girl of free speech,” she added.

President Duterte Has His Sights On A Guinness World Record!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Now it can be told. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is going for a Guinness World Record, hoping to put Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize to shame.

Duterte has filed his candidacy for Senator in the coming May, 2022 elections. At 76, Duterte can be Senator for two terms or a total of 12 years, if elected and reelected. That would make him 88 years old after the two terms. He can take a break after that and run again for another two terms which would make him over 100 years old by the time he finishes his third and fourth Senatorial term. Now that would truly be a Guinness World Record.

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile had the chance to bag that world record had he won in the 2019 Senatorial elections, dethroning 91-year-old Mahatir Mohammad, the current prime minister of Malaysia. Mahatir was also named as the Oldest Prime Minister by the Guinness World Records.

But Enrile lost.

We’re rooting for Duterte to finally bring honor to the Philippines with yet another Guinness record!

2021 Miss Universe Venezuela Is Campaigning For Leni Robredo!

CARACAS, Venezuela (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo’s decision to adopt the color pink for her Presidential campaign is working!

As proof, the 2021 Miss Universe Venezuela who is considered to be among the top 15 candidates to win the Miss Universe 2021 crown in Israel next month, has come out publicly in support of Robredo.

Miss Venezuela bared a photo of her holding up a pink ribbon, in what is believed to be an endorsement of Robredo for President.

Too bad Miss Venezuela can’t vote in the Philippines.