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Jollibee Discontinues 1/3 Pounder Burger, Launches 1 Pounder

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Millions of fans of Jollibee’s 1/3 pounder burger expressed deep disappointment upon hearing the news that the popular fastfood chain had discontinued this menu item popularly known as “Champ.”

American competitor McDonald’s celebrated the news with free champagne in all of its Philippine outlets.  Jollibee’s 1/3 pounder all but put McDonald’s quarter pounder to shame.  So now, the American fast food chain can lord it over when it comes to  giant burgers.

But wait. Today, Jollibee announced that it was launching a new menu item that’s bigger, heavier, tastier,  juicier and unprecedented in the burger industry — the one-pounder!

For that one-pounder experience, visit a Jollibee near you.


Vatican Searching For Woman Whose Hand Was Slapped By Pope Francis

THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Pope Francis has already publicly apologized for violating a woman at The Vatican a couple of days ago.  The incident where the Pope slapped the hand of a woman pilgrim after she grabbed his hand was caught on video and has gone super viral.

But Vatican officials are not stopping at the public apology.  They are now searching for the still unidentified woman and would like to bring her back to have a private audience with the Pope.

It wasn’t clear whether Vatican officials would like the woman to receive a personal apology from the Pope or initiate an excommunication process for her.

Regardless, news media organizations around the world are also reportedly looking for the woman and are offering One Million U.S. dollars for an exclusive interview with her.

U.S.A. Guns For Best National Costume In 2020 Miss Universe Pageant

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) –  Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados won hands down in the 2019 Miss Universe Natioanal Costume Competition.  Will the Philippines win back to back in this year’s pageant?


The next Miss U.S.A. already has her national costume made and ready to go.  And it was a donation!

As the legendary Beach Blanket Babylon musical revue came to an end after a 45-year run in San Francisco, Steve Silver Prductions announced that it was donating one of its humongous costumes for use by the U.S.A.’s repreentative to the next Miss Univers Pageant.

Miss U.S.A. will literally carry the entire San Francisco — America’s favorite city — on her head.

It will be the naitonal costume to beat.