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Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize!

OSLO, Norway (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa were nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their war-related efforts.

Robredo was nominated for her courageous move to right a wrong in world history. She recently revised the period of World War II from 1939-1945 to 1939-1947. “War truths are important to peace efforts “ the nomination stated.

Ressa, on the other hand, was nominated for her reporting and business efforts in the erstwhile Philippine war zone, a claim that she has courageously espoused in her defense against criminal and other charges filed against her and as well as in her attacks against the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. “Navigating the truth in a war zone during peace time is a heroism to the first degree” the nomination said of Ressa.

The duo was nominated by Parliamentarian-wanna-be and aspiring United Nations magistrate Antonio Trillanes.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez Denies Nazi Flag Was Displayed During TV Interview

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipino television viewers tuned in to today’s Presidential Press Briefing got the shock of their lives when they saw the Nazi flag/symbol displayed in the background opposite the Philippine flag.

Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Ramon Lopez was answering questions from the Malacañang Press Corps via zoom when viewers noticed the black and white version of the Nazi symbol just to the left of the Secretary.

But it seems it was a matter of camera angle and the manner in which the DTI banner was displayed.

The full, upright version of the banner actually looks like this:


MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is poised to add another feather to her cap of International awards. This time, the ultimate award: Nobel Peace Prize!

It may be wishful thinking, but Rappler is trying hard to connect the nomination of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) for the coveted prize to its own fact-checking pact with Facebook.

Truth be told, Rappler has been a signatory to the IFCN’s Code of Principles since 2017, and is one of the two Facebook fact-checkers in the Philippines, along with Vera Files.

As a fact checker however, Rappler is far from being a promoter of peace. It has, on the contrary become a harbinger of conflict, with no less than its CEO proclaiming the Philippines to be a “war zone.”

Many will also recall that Rappler and Ressa have early on instigated war with The Adobo Chronicles, claiming the satirical news site to be “fake news.”

Nevertheless, we’re rooting for Ressa and Rappler. They are entitled to their own fantasies like the rest of us.