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Breaking: Pope Francis To Fast Track Cory Aquino’s Sainthood

Cory Aquino flanked by Saint Pedro Calungsod, left, and Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, right

THE VATICAN, Italy (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Pope Francis has announced that The Vatican will fast track the canonization of former Philippine President Cory Aquino, who will become the third Filipino saint.

Aquino’s family have long clamored for the widow of the late Senator Benigno Aquino and mother of ex-President  NoyNoy Aquino to be proclaimed a saint.

A Jesuit priest close to the Aquino family, Fr. Catalina Arevalo, has been leading the move to start the beatification process for Cory since she was a person with “extraordinary Christian virtues.”

The sainthood process usually takes a long period of time — from beatification to canonization — and requires at least two miracles attributed to the sainthood candidate to happen.

Apparently, even before her beatification, the first miracle already happened.

For some unexplained circumstances, yellow t-shirts (the color associated with Cory and Aquino supporters) bearing the late president’s name tagging her as the saint of democracy suddenly appeared on the shelves of a Filipino supermarket in Chicago, Illinois.  The supermarket management said they never ordered nor displayed the t-shirts.

The supermarket, Seafood City, has stores across the U.S.IMG_8267.JPG

It only takes another miracle to happen before Francis will proclaim Cory a saint.

That miracle could be in the form of the same yellow t-shirts appearing in the shelves of the Seafood City Supermarket in San Jose or Mountain View, California.

There is now a sainthood watch and vigil in these two supermarkets.

Duterte To Establish Own Church; Philippine Catholic Bishops Very Worried

IMG_8073.PNGDAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – President Duterte yesterday told Filipinos not to believe Catholic priests and urged them to join the “Iglesia ni Duterte,” a religion he would establish where there are no prohibitions and no Sunday collections.

Duterte blasted the Catholic Church after the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and other churches launched photo exhibits of alleged summary killings under the president’s war on drugs.

The Catholic Church has been critical of Duterte’s drug war, which it says is marked by summary killings and human rights violations.

As millions of Filipinos warmed up to the idea of an “Iglesia ni Duterte,” the CBCP issued a pastoral letter that will be read next Sunday in all churches in the country.

The CBCP appealed to Catholic Filipinos to think twice before joining Duterte’s church.  Its greatest worry is the potential loss of revenue from Sunday collections.

The CBCP is among the biggest investors in the Philippine Stock Exchange.