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Duterte Appoints Filipino Archbishop To New Key Cabinet Post

IMG_0018.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If you can’t lick ’em, welcome them into your fold.  This seems to be Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest strategy in dealing with his staunchest critics.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has just been appointed by Duterte as his Secretary of Religion and Morality.

Villegas has been a vocal critic of the Duterte administration, using the Catholic Church’s bully pulpit to incite Filipino Catholics to resist and reject Duterte’s war on drugs, which many lost souls are blaming for the alleged extra-judicial killings.

Just a couple weeks ago, Villegas and the CBCP issued a pastoral letter read in most Catholic Churches throughout the country, calling the government to task for drug-related killings as well as the efforts to reinstate the death penalty in the Philippines.

Malacañang announced Villegas’ appointment during a special mass held in Davao City on Sunday.

In appointing Villegas, Duterte said that “while the Philippine Constitution provides for the separation of Church and State, we might as well include the Church leadership in our team since they like to meddle in government affairs anyway.”Besides, it’s the Catholic thing to do,” the president added.


Leni’s Quotes

In the interest of public service, The Adobo Chronicles is starting a new series on quotes and statements by VP Leni Robredo, visualizing or interpreting them for the better understanding of all.

As always, we advise our readers to take her statements — our ours — with a grain of salt. Preferably sea salt.


Travel Ban: Donald Trump Will Go For Strike Three

img_8563HONOLULU, Hawaii (The Adobo Chronicles, Honolulu Bureau) – A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide temporary restraining order Wednesday that bars the implementation of President Donald Trump’s revised executive order on immigration and refugees.

This is the second blow to the president’s bid to restrict U.S. entry for people from six Muslim-majority countries.

Well, Mr. Trump is a baseball fanatic, so he believes he has one more chance before strike three.

White House advisers and interns are reportedly busy drafting a third executive order on yet another travel ban.

This time, however, the order bans the foreign travel of U.S. judges whether official or personal, until such time that the judicial branch of government gives the go-signal for the implementation of the president’s previous Muslim travel bans.

It is a brilliant move on the part of Trump because this third E.O. cannot be challenged in court due to “conflict of interest” on the part of judges.