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Vatican Searching For Woman Whose Hand Was Slapped By Pope Francis

THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Pope Francis has already publicly apologized for violating a woman at The Vatican a couple of days ago.  The incident where the Pope slapped the hand of a woman pilgrim after she grabbed his hand was caught on video and has gone super viral.

But Vatican officials are not stopping at the public apology.  They are now searching for the still unidentified woman and would like to bring her back to have a private audience with the Pope.

It wasn’t clear whether Vatican officials would like the woman to receive a personal apology from the Pope or initiate an excommunication process for her.

Regardless, news media organizations around the world are also reportedly looking for the woman and are offering One Million U.S. dollars for an exclusive interview with her.

The Vatican: Woman Receives Holy Slap On The Wrist From Pope Francis

THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – We’ve all heard about the idiom, ‘slap on the wrist.’ Now we’ve seen a holy version of it.

On New Year’s eve, as Pope Francis was greeting pilgrims who have gathered in The Vatican, a woman grabbed the hand of the Holy Father and pulled him towards her.  Visibly irked, the Pope slapped the woman’s hand as he pulled away from her.

Catholics and others were shocked at the scene caught on video, but the unidentified woman felt blessed.

We caught up with the woman as she was leaving The Vatican and we asked her for her reaction to the incident.

”It is an experience of a lifetime.  I feel so blessed having touched the Pope’s hand.  Others may have seen the Holy Father’s reaction as a ‘slap on my hand,’ but I consider it a ‘holy slap on my hand.’ Still a slap but a holy one.  After all, we’ve all read in the Bible that even Jesus publicly expressed his human anger when he drove away merchants who were selling their wares inside the Temple.”



Filipinos Offended By Pope Francis’ Comment Calling Them Smugglers

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipinos worldwide couldn’t be more proud when Pope Francis personally attended the “Simbang Gabi” orgnized by Filipinos in The Vatican.

Simbang Gabi” is a Philippine  tradition involving a nine-day novena where Catholics attend early dawn masses in preparation for Christmas.

Francis, in his message during the Vatican Simbang Gabi, told Pinoys to be ‘smugglers of faith.’

That didn’t sit well with Filipinos in the Philippines and the entire diaspora. “There are smugglers amongst us, but not every Pinoy is a smuggler,” a Filipino now living in Rome told The Adobo Chronicles.

Looks like the Pope hit a nerve. Or shall we say pinched a nerve.