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Donald Trump’s Orange Tan: State Secret Revealed

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – “In the pale of winter, Trump’s tan remains a state secret,” writes

But thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), The Adobo Chronicles was able to unveil the secret to Trump’s eternally orange face.

Here it is:



Adobo Chronicles Poll: Who Does A Better 360-Degree Turn — Miss Philippines or Miss Puerto Rico?

BANGKOK, Thailand (The Adobo Chronicles, Bangkok Bureau) – When it comes to the 360-degree turn on the 2018 Miss Universe catwalk, it’s down to Miss Philippines and Miss Puerto Rico.  Many have wondered if they have the same coach or choreographer.

So we’ll let our readers decide on who does a better turn between the two ladies.

Let us know in the comment section.