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In One Tweet, Jim Paredes Exposes The Truth Behind The Yellow Party

IMG_2442SYDNEY, Australia (The Adobo Chronicles, Honolulu Bureau) – Retired Filipino-Australian entertainer Jim Paredes, one of the staunchest supporters of former President NoyNoy Aquino and the Liberal Party, just exposed the real agenda of the Yellowtards (as they are called.) In one tweet.

Paredes, who has been very vocal about the Philippines’ political atmosphere, and critical of President Rodrigo Duterte, must have been drunk or high on some crystallized substance when he hit the send button from his Twitter account. (He probably thought he was just sending it to his Yellow colleagues.)

His Twitter message says everything about what he and the Yellowtards are fighting for:


Ironically, Paredes’ tweet was retweeted by yet another member of the Yellow socmed army, Leah Navarro.

Do they have their act together?  It looks not.




FilAms Who Attended FASO Gala In Los Angeles Want A Refund


LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – Many Filipino Americans living in Los Angeles coughed up big bucks (translation: U.S. dollars) to be among the selected few to witness a performance of one of the most revered cultural/dance traditions of their homeland — the ‘Rigodon de Honor.”

The Rigodon is a traditional dance from the Philippines that evolved from dances brought to thePacific islands by Spanish settlers in the sixteenth century. Historically, the dance is meant to represent a certain sense of elevated status among those who take part in it, and is often performed at galas, balls and other formal occasions celebrated by the rich and powerful.

It was supposed to be a highlight of the fundraising gala sponsored by FASO, the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra Foundation, billed as a night of music, dance and culture.

But alas, what invited guests witnessed was a Rigodon de Dishonor, highlighted by the presence of Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo who turned the prestigious cultural event into a laylayan political event.

Nobody in the audience wanted to listen to her lies about the Duterte government, Martial Law in Mindanao, the Philippines’ war on drugs and her supposed fundraising for the victims of the Marawi City terrorist siege. But Robredo was oblivious to the evening’s purpose.

And so, as she took to the podium (actually a music stand) to deliver her packaged speech prepared by Georgina Hernandez and her socmed staff, the guests walked out in disgust.

Now, FASO has been deluged with letters, phone calls and emails demanding for refunds of the cost of tickets paid by the invitees who were so looking forward to witness the Rigodon de Honor.

It must be a dishonorable next few weeks for FASO.  But it should be a lesson learned. Well learned.


Duterte Critic Jim Paredes May Have Fathered A Child Outside Marriage

IMG_2262MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Former Apo Hiking Society band member Jim Paredes is finally coming clean.

The anti-Duterte critic and entertainer took to his social media account to admit that he may have fathered a child outside of marriage.  He however sort of justified what he did by saying that he may have been drunk when the inevitable happened.

Paredes’ tweet came on Father’s Day, a most appropriate day to open up his dirty closet.

Still, we admire his courage. Kudos!