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An Open Letter To Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg:

I am writing to you as your fellow American who holds the First Amendment in the highest regard.  It is precisely our inalienable right to free speech that I think fueled the growth and popularity of Facebook worldwide.

I watched with pride as you  held your ground before the U.S. Senate hearing, dismissing suggestions from our lawmakers that Facebook needs to do a better job in policing citizen posts on your social networking site.

But I was extremely disappointed at the news that Facebook chose to partner with Rappler and Vera Files for the purpose of fact-checking news and information on your social media platform.

You may have been fed the wrong information about these two Philippine entities.  They are not necessarily the epitome of truth and non-partisanship.  Most Filipinos will tell you that they are both biased against the current administration supported by more than 90% of the population, many of whom are Facebook account holders.

I am the publisher and writer of the satirical news site The Adobo Chronicles, registered as such with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.

I am sure that you and your wonderful employees at Facebook understand the difference between fake news and satire.

So when your chosen partner, Rappler, fact-checked The Adobo Chronicles about a “news story” we published months ago about its CEO Maria Ressa, it begs us to question the credentials of Rappler as a non-partisan and competent fact-checker.

I’m sure you’ve been informed that the same Maria Ressa previously blamed Facebook for the political unrest and proliferation of fake news in the Philippines.

I assume that Facebook’s intent is to fact-check individuals and organizations that deliberately and maliciously  spread false information for political and other partisan interests.

The Adobo Chronicles is a news satire site.  Our disclaimers are clear as crystal.  Yet Rappler’s first fact-checking project since the announcement of your partnership was to fact-check our satirical site.

Where is the legitimacy and sensical basis for a fact-checker franchised by Facebook like Rappler? We can only surmise that Rappler’s intent in fact-checking us was self-serving.  They used their new-found “power” as a weapon for damage control in view of their declining credibility as a “news” organization.

Rappler has also violated the Philippine Constitution which prohibits foreign ownership of media companies. And that is a fact.

I am confident that Facebook will not condone any violation of laws in the U.S. or elsewhere, including the Philippines.

May I suggest that you leave the fact-checking to your individual subscribers and account holders.  They’re intelligent enough to make the proper discernment.  Yes, Filipinos included. (And let me tell you, the only ones happy abou Facebook’s partnership with Rappler and Vera Files are… Rappler and Vera Files).

With much respect and admiration,

Rene M. Astudillo

The Adobo Chronicles


Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook’s ‘Partnership’ With Rappler is (Fake) News To Me

0084F74A-027D-4366-BE53-F9AA9ECC3FCE.jpegDENVER, Colorado (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – The Adobo Chronicles caught up with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as he arrived in Denver for a much-needed R&R after being grilled in the U.S. Senate this week.

We asked him about Rappler’s announcement that Facebook was partnering with the online news source as well as with Vera Files to fact-check news on social media.

”That’s news to me.  I don’t remember signing a Memorandum of Agreement with either organization for a partnership in fact-checking news on social media.

Zuckerberg added:

654B6113-FE78-43AC-BBB8-C229FD109AA3”How can I partner with Rappler when its CEO Maria Ressa blamed Facebook for political division and the proliferation of fake news in the Philippines? I also know tht Rappler is also guilty of publishing fake news, so there’s no way I would allow Facebook to partner with them.”


Pro-Duterte Bloggers, Netizens Plan A Mass Exodus From Facebook

0B0F5DAC-1B79-4238-AB7E-C91FD3BC6BFA.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In protest of the reported partnership between Facebook and Rappler as well as Vera Files on fact-checking news on social media, many pro-Duterte bloggers and netizens are planning to leave Facebook altogether.

The Adobo Chronicles talked with both major and minor bloggers as well as Facebook account holders who are all die-hard supporters of the President, and they not only confirmed the plan for a mass exodus from Facebook but also expressed their unanimous decision to move to the new social media platform: Grindr.

So if you’re following Thinking Pinoy, Mocha Uson, Maharlika and other bloggers, you might want to start exploring Grindr lest you will be left out.