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The Adobo Chronicles’ Guide To Becoming An Award-Winning Investigative Journalist

IMG_3705The Fourth Estate is not dead. It is just evolving amid great advances in technology as well as the meeting of old and new political ideology.

One of the greatest careers in the news business is investigative journalism.  It is the stuff that Pulitzer Prizes are made of.

So, in the interest of public service, The Adobo Chronicles is publishing this do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to becoming an award-winning investigative journalist, especially if you practice your profession in the Philippines.

  • Publish an opinionated book and pass it on as “historical.”
  • It’s all about book titles.  The best titles usually start with “Never Again…”
  • Open a Twitter account.
  • Spend a minimum of 16 hours in front of your computer. Never leave home to investigate. Why bother with Metro Manila traffic? And without Uber? Forget it!
  • Crowdsource, crowdsource, crowdsource.
  • You can’t fit in facts with just 140 characters.  So ask questions, and more questions.
  • Block all followers who respond negatively to your tweets.
  • Nourish your relationship with your spouse. He or she will be your greatest inspiration and defender.
  • The names of the best investigative journalists usually start with an “R.” Examples are Raissa, Risa, Ressa. (Our own publisher’s name starts with an “R.”  Glad we got that in!)
  • If your name doesn’t begin with an “R,” no worries. You can always adopt hard-hitting pen names like “Rocky,” “Rogando,” or “R. Nieto.” Or respectable names like Reyes or Rivera.
  • If all else fails, go back to journalism school. May we suggest that tuition-free campus in Diliman, Quezon City?

Update On Leni’s Boston Garbage-Diving: Who’s That Man In Blue T-Shirt?

IMG_2523BOSTON, Massachusetts (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles) – Previously, we reported that the Boston Police Department is investigating whether or not Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo violated U.S. law by admitting during her radio show that she went garbage-diving in search of usable items for her daughter’s apartment.

Boston Police had asked the help of concerned citizens by providing them with photos or CCTV videos that would possibly implicate Robredo in a criminal offense, including trespassing.

Today, the police department released a photo it received from an anonymous source showing a man in blue t-shirt garbage-diving into a trash bin in the same neighborhood where Robredo’s daughter’s apartment is located.

The man closely resembles the person who was helping the Vice President assemble some furniture in her daughter’s apartment.  It was a photo that Robredo herself posted on her Facebook page.

If it is the same man, then Robredo has a lot to answer for as the police investigation continues.

PHILIPPINES: Yellow Media Hacked!

IMG_2485.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipinos trying to tune it to their favorite television news programs this morning got the suprise of their lives.  Their TV screens went — not black — but yellow, bright yellow.  They could hear the news but all they could do was stare at the yellow glare.  Interestingly, only ABS-CBN and GMA news seemed to have been affected.

Subscribers to the national daily newspaper, The Inquirer, were also reporting that their copy of today’s paper showed a rectangular yellow box across the front page.

Then, Rappler was reported trying to fix a glitch that hit their online news site which also showed a yellow box on their home page.

As investigators were trying to identify the reason for the unusual phenomenon, a group calling itself ‘Anyaremous’ (no connection to the group Anonymous) claimed responsibility and said that the hack was in retaliation for a bill recently filed in the Senate that seeks to ban and penalize fake news.

This is a developing story. Check back with The Adobo Chronicles for updates.