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Canada Outlaws Autocorrect After Legalizing Cannibalism

D2B4B3B9-C976-4913-9B48-1F3486DF3DE3OTTAWA, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles, Toronto Bureau) – Canada’s House of Commons passed Bill C-45 which legalized cannibalism.

It wasn’t meant to be that way. What it hoped to pass was a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana, or cannabis. But thanks to autocorrect, it is still illegal to smoke pot but now legal to eat humans.

Upon noticing the error, the lawmakers rushed to unanimously approve a new law outlawing autocorrect.

Alas, the cannibalism law is still alive and kicking.



Senator Hontiveros Files Lawsuit To Stop Jover Laurio From Having Facial Surgery

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Showbiz personality Xander Ford is making headlines again, thanks to Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Hontiveros has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop anti-Duterte blogger Jover Laurio, a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB) from having facial reconstruction similar to Ford’s.

At issue here is the classified information Hontiveros received from sources close to PAB.

Laurio reportedly wants to look like the lady Senator.

”I have nothing against plastic surgery, but when one seeks facial transformation to look like me, then it becomes quite personal, and I have to seriously object to it,” Hontiveros told The Adobo Chronicles.