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THANKS TO MARIA RESSA, RAPPLER COULD be fired as facebook factchecker IN PH

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When you bite the hand that feeds you, you could very well lose your source of food.

This is what could happen to Rappler after its CEO Maria Ressa attacked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg during a special edition of ‘TIME100 Talks,” hosted by Prince Harry.

In that interview, Ressa said that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Zuckerberg are “on the same page” when it comes to threats to Philippine Democracy, accusing Facebook and other social media platforms of abdicating their responsibility in protecting the public sphere from misinformation.

Rappler is one of two factcheckers designated by Facebook in the Philippines. Rappler’s factchecker status is now in jeopardy as Zuckerberg is reportedly furious at Ressa for shaming him in front of no less than the Duke of Sussex!

Will Zuckerberg hand Ressa the pink slip soon?

As for the rest of the interview with Prince Harry, nothing much came out of Ressa’s mouth except her usual template rhetoric of “weaponizing the law,” “a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth,” holding the line,” etc. As expected she also heralded her being a journalist for many years, covering war stories, as well as the criminal lawsuits, arrests and conviction she has faced.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – The Trump Tower Manila (which is actually located in Makati City) is being readied as a possible permanent residence for U.S. President Donald Trump if he loses the elections in November.

In a recent campaign rally in Macon, Georgia, Trump said he will leave the country if he loses the election to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Trump Tower Manila, also known as Trump Tower at Century City, is a residential building that stands 57 stories high and is the third tallest building in the Philippines. It cost $150 million to build.

Asked why he is thinking of the Philippines when he has real estate properties in many other parts of the world, Trump said “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is my good friend,” and that “many Filipinos love me, and I love them.”

Trump is trailing Biden by double digits in practically all U.S. polls.

186 Philippine Congressmen Stage A Nincomcoup, Ousts Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano

Lord Allan Velasco

QUEZON CITY,  Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – A total of 186 congressmen, or majority of 299 members of the House of Representatives, have elected Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco as the new Speaker in a session described by allies of Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano “illegal.”

It will be recalled that Cayetano and Velasco had earlier agreed to a term-sharing of the Speakership, brokered by no less that President Rodrigo Duterte.  Cayetano’s term would have ended this October but from indications, he was unwilling to vacate the powerful position.

The Speakership row had put in jeopardy deliberations and actions on the government’s 2021 national budget, very much needed during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While Presidential coups are not uncommon in the Philippines, many are saying that this coup involving a sitting House Speaker is unprecedented, calling it a nincomcoup.