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NBI Seeks Help Of Elon Musk To Arrest Ex-Comelec Chief Andy Bautista!

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – The Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has sought the help of Twitter CEO Elon Musk for the immediate arrest of ex-Comelec Chair Andy Bautista. The request was coursed through the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco.

Bautista has a pending Senate arrest warrant issued in 2019. He is accused of unexplained wealth and abuse of authority. He has escaped to the United States and was last reported seen in Folsom Street, seat of San Francisco’s BDSM/Leather community.

Bautista may be in hiding but he is very public with his Twitter account.

Bb. Maharlika Using A Double In Her Vlog Posts!

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – She has gone from a Duterte Die-hard to a Marcos Supporter in her Vlog posts from LaLaLand.

But the winds of time can change quickly especially if one fails to get what he or she aspires for, notably an insider job of power and influence.

Many netizens have noticed that Bb. Maharlika has of late been a harbinger of gossip, speculation and fake news specifically targeting the current occupants of Malacañang — anything that elicits engagement on her social media account.

But engagement is also based on image — a wholesome image that’s easy on the eyes. And it’s not just about the oversized glasses.

An Adobo Chronicles fly-on-the-wall tells us that what you see is not what you get with Maharlika. Apparently, she is using a double in her Vlog posts — hiding behind a less wholesome persona that is almost impossible to idolize.

A persona that shouldn’t really matter if only she can be true and honest to her own self.

Malacañang Electrocutes Former Newsman Jay Sonza!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was reminiscent of rumors that government opponents were electrocuted during the days of Martial Law, or that fraternities resorted to this practice during hazing.

Today, Malacañang zapped former newsman Jay Sonza for spreading fake news that former opposition presidential candidate and Senator Mar Roxas was appointed this administration’s Agriculture Secretary.

The Adobo Chronicles tried to reach Sonza to check on his condition but we were not able to reach him.