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VP Robredo Can’t Be Compelled To Release IQ Score — Supreme Court

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Voting 13 to 2, the Philippine Supreme Court today voted to junk a petition seeking for the release of President Rodrigo Duterte’s health records.

In a majority ruling jointly penned by the 13 justices, the high court said that the President, given previous public admission of health issues he has been having, cannot be compelled to release his otherwise confidential health records.

In making an obvious point to support its ruling, the court said that “in the same way, we cannot, by law, compel Vice President Leni Robredo to publicly release her IQ score, despite many claims on social media that she seems to be lacking in the intelligence category.”

Kudos to the Supreme Court for affirming every Filipino’s right to privacy and confidentiality!

GMA News: Covid-19 Swab Testing Goes Online!

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) –  GMA News is reporting that swab testing for Covid-19 can now be done online. 

The good news came during a GMA News interview witn an official of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DWPH) who said the Philippines would now be able to conduct 31,600 coronavirus tests per day by next week.

It wasn’t clear from the report whether it would be DWPH or DOH that would be conducting the testing.

Regardless, the online testing will be in keeping with the country’s Covid-19 guidelines of social distancing — your nose swabbed from the comfort of your home via computer!

Adobo Chronicles’ Suggested ECQ Home Activities

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) –It’s been over 40 days since the government put in place an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) throughout the entire island of Luzon.

You’ve scrubbed all your pots and pans, your toilet is squeaky clean, your closet has been organized in a way it has never been before in your entire life. So what is left to do to while away the remaining hours and days of your home confinement?

In the interest of public service, The Adobo Chronicles is sharing this to-do list put together by our home and social experts to keep you from losing your otherwise elite composure, or your sanity during this period of ECQ:

  • Remember your collection of torn denim pants? They’ll probably go out of fashion when this Covid-19 crisis is over.  Patch them all up. It’ll lessen entry points for the virus.
  • While you’re at it, sew up all the holes in your pairs of socks.
  • Time to clean up the molds on your collection of shoes!
  • You may have missed cleaning the Last Supper painting and giant spoon and fork woodcarving hanging on your wall. Dust them up!
  • You’ve been receiving tons of Facebook friend request lately, haven’t you? Accept them all — common friend or no common friend — then go back and unfriend them one by one. Then repeat.
  • It’s time to delete all those embarrassing photos of yourself that you have posted on your Facebook page.
  • Now is a good time to check the expiry dates of the cans and cans of sardines, pork and beans, and soups in your cupboard. And don’t forget the cartons of orange juice and milk in your fridge!
  • Haven’t you had enough collection of empty cardboard and styrofoam boxes you saved from your takeout meals? You know what to do. And don’t forget your collection of used plastic spoons and forks.
  • You’ve had the plastic covering on your couch and dining chairs long enough. Discard them! They may be harboring unwanted viruses and bacteria!
  • How many jars of spare coins do you have sitting on top of your credenza? Roll them up by denomination and give them to the homeless.  They especially need them in this time of crisis.
  • When was the last time you gave your Shih Tzu a bath?

Do you have other suggested activities? Let us know in the comments section. We’re in this together. We heal as one!