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PRIDE MONTH: LGBT Community Struggles With Identity

IMG_2108SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Queer. Questioning. Homo. Gender-bending. Gender-variant. Cross-dresser. Closeted. Out. Two-spirit. Mahu. Bakla. On-the-bus.

In a politically-correct societal atmosphere, not one word is sufficient to describe the diversity of the gay and lesbian community.  Oftentimes, in the struggle for inclusion, the community sometimes ends up being divisive (and divided) and very sensitive to the many labels that describe — or try to describe — it.

So, in the spirit of inclusion, and in celebration of PRIDE month, we propose an all-inclusive acronym to refer to this very diverse community:



Facebook Now Tracks If You’re Gay!

IMG_2098.PNGMENLO PARK, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – What happens on the Internet shows up on the Internet.

It is no secret that Facebook and other social media platforms track your every move — the places you go to, what you buy, your relationships, your financial accounts and more.

But who knew that Facebook also tracks your sexual orientation and gender preference?

If you’ve posted anything on your wall that’s closely linked to the LGBT community, then Facebook now tags you as such — gay!

This month, in celebration of PRIDE, gay men and women started noticing a new emoticon on their Facebook accounts.  And it’s rainbow-colored!

If you happen to be straight and the gay emoticon shows up, you are advised to contact Facebook immediately to correct the error.  If you do nothing, the gay tag will forever be on your FB account.