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Senator Risa Hontiveros Wants August 21 Declared As Marcial Bonifacio Day

633B707D-9B04-4874-AE58-D6AA8FCE7639MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Fresh from her much-publicized proposal to declare August 16 as Kian Lloyd Delos Santos Day, Senator Risa Hontiveros has yet another brilliant legislative suggestion.

(Delos Santos was killed in anti-illegal drugs operation by Caloocan police a year ago.)

Hontiveros wants August 21 declared as ‘Marcial Bonifacio Day,’ to commemorate the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

The lady Senator told The Adobo Chronicles that all our laws should accurately reflect history. “When Ninoy was killed in 1983, he held a passport bearing the name Marcial Bonifacio, so any hero’s tribute should be based on fact.”

For a change, we agree with Hontiveros.



Experts Now Agree The Computer Is NOT A 20th Century Invention

9444D95B-7C2B-4FB9-9AC3-0EE4D899A625SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – After many years of debate, experts have finally confirmed that the computer is not a 20th Century Invention.

A joint statement was issued today signed by top technical and religious experts, saying that Apple, Microsoft and other computer pioneers did not invent the computer.

They added:

”Adam and Eve had an Apple in Paradise, and Moses had a tablet — in fact, two tablets. Even iCloud was God’s invention and He communicated with his Chosen People wirelessly.”

Controversy solved.

Senator Tito Sotto To Sue Inquirer For Plagiarism

9F45DB6D-0AB9-447C-B649-5B48B62A0992MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – For someone who has been accused of lifting parts of Robert F. Kennedy’s speech for his own use in the Philippine Senate, Tito Sotto sure knows a lot about plagiarism.

Sotto has sent a message to the Inquirer asking that articles posted on its website regarding the Pepsi Paloma rape case, be taken down.

The articles, written by U.S.-based Inquirer columnist Rodel Rodis, insinuated that the Senator tried to exert some whitewashing over the case which involved Sotto’s brother Vic, and Joey of the Tito, Vic and Joey television tandem.

The Adobo Chronicles spoke to Sotto during a recess of yesterday’s Senate Session and asked him what his next move would be.

”If Inquirer doesn’t take down the articles, I have no choice but to sue them for plagiarism.”

(We think Sotto meant to say libel.)