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San Francisco Activists Want To Ban Thanksgiving Dinners


SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – At about this time of year, the President of the United States pardons a couple of turkeys and saves them from being butchered for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

But leave it to San Francisco activists to do much, much more. They want to totally ban Thanksgiving dinners that feature turkeys and ham.

In a protest action at San Francisco’s Westfield Mall (of course, at the food court), the activists declared that turkeys (and pigs) are  not food.  “Eating them is violence,” they said.

But how about the other living creatures like chicken, cows and fish? Or flies and roaches? They, too, have rights.




Halloween Special: Leni Robredo Admits To Having Hallucinations

D9B46FE6-BA2B-4A6F-944B-0E0848719CA9NAGA CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – This week marks the commemoration of the dearly departed — sinner or saint.  But it is also the time to share stories of a supernatural nature.

But for Leni Robredo, a visit to the grave of her late husband Jessie prompted her to reveal an unusual disorder she has been having since becoming Vice President.

”I’ve been having frequent hallucinations,” Robredo told The Adobo Chronicles, “and they often lead to the most stupid of statements that I make to the news media.”

”When I’m in such a mental state, I feel that I am the president of the country but that  Filipinos I meet in the streets look like zombies out to get me.  It’s only when I open my mouth to say something stupid that the freaky creatures go away,” she added.

So now you know.

Rare Fish Species Found In The Philippines

4C404D3A-B33F-4D05-9410-FD8986895EA1.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Addobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Remember when the Philippine national daily, Inquirer, published a photo showing a “horse-driven” cart — the horse looking a lot like a carabao?

Well, the carabao seems to be mutating in many ways.

Today, the Bureau of Fisheries announced the discovery of a rare fish species never before seen anywhere in the world.

FEBAFDF5-FD10-4088-B6C4-865B42EF912BThe fish looks like a normal fish except for its head which resembles the head of a carabao.  Forget about “beast of burden.”  Is this the “fish of burden?”

Could what’s happening in the Philippines the effect of global warming?