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Jeepney Strike: Adobo Chronicles Salutes All Barkers

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s not only the daily wage drivers and passengers that are inconvenienced by the jeepney strike. There’s also the barkers.

Barkers are those who scream routes and beckon passengers with hand gestures giving direction which jeepney to go to. They’re everywhere : outside schools, hospitals, offices and public markets; terminals and anywhere jeepneys stop to pick up passengers.

Their only asset is their voice but they are voiceless amid the strike. They earn about five pesos for every jeepney they fill — around one hundred fifty pesos per day.

They are among the most thankful when jeepney strikes end.

The Adobo Chronicles salutes these unsung heroes.

PALINDROME: Duterte Waiting For 77th Birthday To Endorse Bongbong Marcos?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Many are eagerly awaiting the formal endorsement of Bongbong Marcos’ presidential bid from President Rodrigo Duterte. While the Administration’s party, the PDP-Laban, has already signed a resolution endorsing Marcos, there seems to be an eerie silence from the President himself.

Sources close to The Adobo Chronicles seem to hold the answer to this mystery. They said that Duterte will make the formal endorsement when he celebrates his 77th birthday on March 28.

The reason? Duterte is a big fan of palindromes. He also considers them ”lucky.”

A palindrome is a word, a phrase, or a sequence of numbers that reads the same whether you read it forward or backward.

So endorsing Marcos, who is No. 7 on the ballot, on his 77th birthday creates the palindrome ”777.”

“It is a triple lucky 7 palindrome and it’s easy for voters to remember,” our sources added.