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Filipino Athletes Complain About Being Fed McDo Meals Every Day

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – After that news report by the South China Morning Post — denied by the Singapore National Olymic Committee — that Singaporean Muslim athletes were being fed pork, comes a still-to-be-published news story that Filipino athletes are being fed McDo meals every day.

In a draft story by Rappler and Inquirer intercepted by The Adobo Chronicles, the Filipino athletes participating in the 2019 South East Asian Games were allegedly being fed McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries three times a day — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Adobo Chronicles did its own invstigation of the report and we can confirm that the Filipinos were not happy about their McDo meals.  They wanted Jollibee chicken joy instead.

For Singapore Athletes, It Pays To Complain About Their Food

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicls, Manila Bureau) – Insufficient food for athletes and administrative hiccups led the chef de mission of the Singapore contingent at the SEA Games in the Philippines to write to organisers on Sunday seeking “urgent and immediate attention,” according to news media reports.

Well, it pays to complain.

Today, the Philippine organizing committee has instructed all hotels hosting foreign athletes to serve boodle fights to the athletes, three times a day.

”There should no longer be any shortage of food not just for the Singaporeans but all visiting teams participating in the games,” a committee spokesperson said.

After all, SEA Games 2019 will be a memorable and mouth-watering experience for everybody — athletes and officials.

We win as one!

Philippines’ Department Of Health Wants Daing, Sinigang, Leche Flan Taxed

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If the Philippines’ Department of Health had its way, Filipino consumers will pay much more for their daing (salted dry fish), sinigang (sour soup dish) and leche flan (caramel dessert).

In an unprecedented proposal to improve the health status of Filipinos, DOH is proposing that all Filipino foods that are salty, sour and sweet should be levied with what it is calling “unhealthy tax.”

”Evidence shows that the Filipino diet is causing serious health problems for most Filipinos, and we need to nip this in the bud,” DOH said.

Say goodbye to your binagoongan, kare-kare, halo-halo, laing and all other traditional Filipinos foods that are anything but bland.

Here’s to a healthier Filipino citizenry!