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Climate Change: As Temperature Dips To Record Levels, Baguio’s Plants Start Acting Weird

img_9214BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – The cold spell in the city is now on its down trend after the mercury level dropped to a chilly 7.3 degrees Celsius Wednesday morning which is now the fourth lowest temperature in the history of the Philippines’ undisputed Summer Capital.

From the 8 degrees Celsius lowest temperature recorded by the local office of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) Tuesday morning, the mercury level further dropped opening the floodgates of the occurrence of frost in highly elevated areas in Benguet and Mountain Province that pose a serious threat to the growth of semi-temperate vegetables that are on their vegetative and flowering stages.

Baguio freezes

As residents and tourists bundled up, the city’s most popular produce started acting up in the weirdest of ways.

Carrots embraced each other, strawberries turned purple or violet and became iced fruit candies, broccoli flowers have sprouted like cactus plants, and eggplants are mimicking penguins.

All because of climate change.

Will Baguio’s experience finally convince non-believers? Someone please share this with Donald Trump!


Bacon: The Only Thing That Could Take Down Donald Trump


Everybody loves bacon. This crispy, salty and aromatic breakfast fare transcends politics. Republicans and Democrats alike love it. Even Christian churches serve it with their pancake breakfasts. Unless you’re a vegetarian or belong to a religion or culture that bans pork, you know you’ll do anything to have bacon on your plate anytime.

Imagine a world without bacon. Of course you can’t.

Today, the American Bacon Manufacturers Association (ABMA) announced that its members have agreed to immediately stop producing and marketing bacon in the U.S. until their one demand is met: for President Donald Trump to step down.

No protests, no filibusters, no lawsuits, no foreign trade sanctions, not even the threat of nuclear war can stop the Donald and his crazy presidency.

But no bacon? Na-ah!