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Philippines To Deny Entry To Amal Clooney?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It is universal knowledge that any country reserves the right to allow or not to allow the entry of foreign nationals for whatever reason — even if that reason is unreasonable.

Dubious sources tell The Adobo Chronicles that Amal (Mrs. George) Clooney will be denied entry into the Philippines if ever she decides to visit with her new client, Maria Ressa.

It has recently been reported that Clooney, a  British-Lebanese Human Rights attorney, has joined Ressa’s legal team that will defend the Rappler CEO in her legal troubles, including tax evasion, cyber libel and Constitutional violation on media ownership in the Philippines.

Sources say that the Bureau of Immigration is looking at barring Clooney because of her expressed intention to practice law in the country which is not allowed for foreigners. Foreign nationals on tourist visas are prohibited from seeking or accepting local employment.

Well, Clooney will just have to meet her client in the U.K., Lebanon or the U.S. Ressa is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the U.S.


DFA Cancels VP Leni Robredo’s Diplomatic Passport

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Foreign  Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin announced today that he has ordered the cancellation of Vice President Leni Robredo’s diplomatlc passport, less than 24 hours after he cancelled all courtesy diplomatic passports of ex-envoys and government officials, including that of former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario.

Robredo had earlier critized DFA for cancelling the diplomatic passports of former government officials. That prompted Locsin to call her “boba” (stupid) in a Twitter post.

Locsin emphasized, however, than his decision to revoke Robredo’s passport was not in retaliation for her criticism.

Locsin said that DFA’s cancellation of the VP’s diplomatic passport was based on the fact that most, if not all of Robredo’s foreign trips were personal in nature and had nothing to do with her official duties.

The DFA Secretary told The Adobo Chronicles that he wanted to preserve the integrity of diplomatlc passports and prevent abuse and any sense of entitlement by current and former government officials.

The Office of the Vice President could not be reached for comment.

Hong Kong Immigration Says Del Rosario Was Holding Fake Chinese Passport

HONG KONG, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Hong Kong Bureau) – Now it can be told.

Hong Kong’s Immigration just revealed the real reason ex-Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Del Rosario was denied entry and deported back to the Philippines. He presented a fake Chinese passport, not a Philippine diplomatic passport as he earlier claimed.

”It was apparent Del Rosario wanted to evade scrutiny by Immigration authorities after he and ex-Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales filed a complaint before the International Criminal Court against Chinese President Xi Jinping for alleged crimes against humanity,” a Chinese official told The Adobo Chronicles.

(Morales was also held and questioned when she tried to enter Hong Kong weeks ago.)

Case closed.