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Political Candidates Off Limits To Baguio City This Holy Week

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – It’s election campaign season in the Philippines and with it comes the gun ban and the liquor ban.  The Summer Capital takes it a step further: it has decreed  that all political candidates are off limits all throughout the Holy Week which starts today, Palm Sunday. The ban ends rhe Monday after Easter Sunday.

Baguio City expects some 100,000 tourists to come up this week to escape the scorching weather in the lowlands.

As expected, political candidates, especially those running for national office— the  Senatoriables — would want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to court votes for the May 13 elections.

Enter the Catholic Diocese of Baguio, along with the pious officials of the city government.

In a joint decree which has the full effect of law, the two groups have declared that political candidates must not be seen in public all week so that tourists can focus on their Lenten obligations and shopping sprees without any distraction from political campaigners.

Political candidates who show up in Baguio this week will be given citations and be subject to flagellation  in front of the Baguio Cathedral, in keeping with Filipino Catholic  Lenten tradition.

Leave it to Baguio to create its own rules. No smokimg in public. No cussing in public. No campaigning in public.


U.S. Bans All Incoming International Flights

1BFEAD40-5FD3-41DC-94F5-E233883A686EWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Thanks to Donald Trump who just declared that “the U.S. is full,” America has just banned all incoming international flights.

Trump says that outbound international flights will be allowed to leave but incoming flights will asked to immediately turn around.

The new White House directive is part of Trump’s controversial anti-immigration policy.

Travelers flying into the United States are advised to check with their airlines before boarding their flights into the U.S.

MMDA Blunders: This Time, Setting A 60KPH Speed Limit On EDSA

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – This is not the first time we’re reporting about a blunder by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), because the agency had many previous blunders — from building that “footbridge to Heaven” In Kamuning, Quezon City to bannning provincial buses along EDSA.

This time, MMDA has issued a new directive setting the speed limit on many roads and highways in the metropolis to 60 Kilometers per hour.

Among the many thoroughfares included in this new rule is, of course, the busiest of them all, EDSA.

The Adobo Chronicles wanted to seek comments about this issue from our experts — the commuters themselves.

They were unanimous in their verdict. Here’s what they said:

“Why is there a need to set a 60KPM  speed limit along EDSA when the actual flow of traffic is already at 6KM per hour?”

Yet another brilliant blunder by the technocrats at MMDA.