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Another WPS Brewing In Pangasinan!

ANDA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Bolinao Bureau) – Soon, there may be two WPS in the territorial waters of the Philippines.

The first, as we all know it, is that part of the South China Sea that former President NoyNoy Aquino renamed West Philippine Sea by virtue of an administrative order issued in 2012. It was a move to bolster the country’s territorial claim which involves China and other Southeast Asian nations.

Now, residents of the western municipality of Anda in the Philippine province of Pangasinan, along with other nearby municipalities, want their own WPS!

Residents told The Adobo Chronicles that they want the Caguiputan Strait which runs through several municipalities near the South China Sea to be renamed West Pangasinan Strait (WPS).

They have sent a petition to President Bongbong Marcos to issue an administrative order to that effect, just like what PNoy did in renaming parts of the South China Sea to WPS.

MIAA’s Final Decision: NAIA Will Retain Its Name!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Despite the clamor from many Filipinos and international airlines for NAIA to revert to its original name, Manila International Airport (MIA), the Manila International Airport Authority decided against it. The decision is final.

However, the airport authority announced that only the acronym remains the same. What its stands for has been slightly changed to: Nora Aunor International Airport (NAIA).

The unanimous decision was arrived at to honor the Filipina superstar who has been named last year as one of the new National Artists.

A great tribute indeed!

Senator Robin Padilla Pursues His Cable Car Proposal For Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Don’t let Senator Robin Padilla’s moustache-combing video at a Senate hearing fool you. He’s hard at work trying to propose innovative projects that will benefit the country, among them the establishment of cable cars in Metro Manila.

Padilla had proposed the project earlier last year but he waited until his return from the Alps in Switzerland to solidify his proposal.

He is now in consultation with transportation experts to come up with a blueprint of what he is calling the MMCA, or Metro Manila Cable Authority that will undertake and manage cable car projects throughout the Metropolis, similar to what he saw in Switzerland.

Padilla is confident that cable cars are the ultimate solution to Metro Manila’s traffic nightmares and would make travel between and among cities in NCAR a breeze.

Imagine traveling from Valenzuela to the Port of Manila in under 10 minutes!