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Maria Ressa, The Adobo Chronicles’ ‘Person of the Year’

SAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – It’s that time of year when leading international magazines choose their “Person of the Year,” and The Adobo Chronicles  (AC) is no exception.

The AC Editorial Board is proud to announce our “Person of the Year,” Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.  Not that she needs any more accolades.  Too many of the Western media have bought into her lies about the Philippines, the Duterte administration, and about her career and business venture. But what is one more award? It makes for a good addition to Ressa’s useless collection.

In naming her “Person of the Year,” the Board unanimously agreed that no other so-called journalist has achieved the kind of stature she has — her imaginary struggles against the suppression of Press Freedom, her fight against the law which has been weaponized to silence her and her online news outfit, her being a victim of harrasment and intimidation.

But what sealed the deal for the Board to give her this honor was her recent proclamation that the Philippines under Duterte is the worst war zone she has ever been in.  Nevermind that her “fellow” journalists at the National Press Club, Manila Times columnist (and former diplomat) Rigoberto Tiglao, and international journalists who have covered the news in the Philippines have all dismissed Ressa’s allegations.

For being a warmonger in her imaginary war zone, The Adobo Chronicles names Maria Ressa 2010 Person of the Year!



Adobo Chronicles Announces Temporary Name Change

SAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – The San Jose-based The Adobo Chronicles (AC) announced today that it was temporarily changing its name to “The Chicken Adobo Chronicles.”

The decision came during the news site’s board of directors meeting in which members expressed deep concern over the continued spread  of African Swine Fever (ASF) which has affected pig populations the world over, including the Philippines.

“We’d like to do our share of cautioning people —especially our readers and followers — against ASF by promoting Adobo’s chicken version. “ the AC publisher said.

Adobo comes in different variations, including pork, chicken and vegetables.

Talk about social responsibility!


Fact-Checking The Drug Czar: Most Illegal Drugs Come From China — Duterte Said It First

Vice President Leni Robredo, the newly-designated Drug Czar has been in office for just days, yet she has already made several claims which she attributes to herself.

In her latest public statement, she proudly announced what she just found out: most illegal drugs in the Philippines come from China.  What a stunning discovery, right?


Since the beginning of Rodrigo Duterte’s term as President, he had always acknowledged that China was the biggest source of illegal drugs in the country.

For Robredo, her claim might as well be called a drug bust. Or Duterte could sue her for plagiarism. She was using recycled information and making it her own.