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Leni Robredo A No-Show When News Media Mobbed Her Office Over Issue Of Water Crisis.

B54D5D27-C823-4D30-890B-30159967C395QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – In her most recent public statement, Vice President Leni Robredo said the government owes the public an explanation on the water crisis that hit parts of Metro Manila in recent weeks. And the local and foreign news media took her up on it.

Because President Rodrigo Duterte was a little indisposed yesterday, news reporters trooped to Robredo’s office in Quezon City to hear it directly from “the government.” After all, Robredo is the second highest official of the government.

Alas, the VP was a no-show.

Upon being tipped that the news reporters were on their way to the VP office,  Robredo took off via a back entrance.

Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez told The Adobo Chronicles that when the VP made the statement, she was referring to the Duterte administration of which she is an outsider.

Political analysts interpreted Hernandez’s explanation to mean that Robredo feels she is not the duly-elected VP since the electoral protest filed by her rival Senator Bongbong Marcos has not yet been fully resolved.

Many will recall that sometime last year, Robredo also issued a public statement saying that “the government” can no longer downplay the rising inflation rate in the country.”

A pattern akin to Julius Caesar washing his hands in public to escape responsibility.


In Anticipation Of The Revocation Of Its Media License, Rappler Proposes To Buy Adobo Chronicles

3b2ffaa7-b486-4b72-984f-89787c9df8a7MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Now that the Court of Appeals has all but denied Rappler’s petition to reconsider the Securities and Exchange Commission’s earlier ruling revoking its media license for violation of the Constitution, CEO Maria Ressa now wants to buy the rights to The Adobo Chronicles.

Adobo Chronicles, while registered in the U.S., is 100% Filipino owned.

”My business venture with Rappler is in survival mode, and the only way to keep my business operating is to invest in a 100% Filipino-owned company,” Ressa said.

”Besides, Adobo Chronicles fits well into what Rappler has been all about in the years of its existence : propagating biased, fake, and  unbelievable news,” she added,

Ressa is offering $10 Million to buy out the Chronicles.

No word yet from the Adobo Chronicles publisher.

Maria Ressa And Kit Tatad: Wedding Of The Century

894048FD-C7C8-4E34-8BCC-A605ACF955B7.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There are royal weddings and celebrity weddings, but a wedding of the century comes only, well, once every century.

And who would ever think that the Philippines would be the venue of this century’s wedding — between Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and now former Manila Times columnist (and former Press Secretary of Ferdinand E. Marcos) Francisco ‘Kit’ Tatad.

It’s a union made in heaven: two journalists, once on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, both now crying ‘suppression of Press Freedom’ and ‘political persecution.’

Both have been accused of lying — ever critical of Rodrigo Duterte —  while falling ‘victim’ to harassment and the government’s intolerance of criticism.

The couple makes the perfect Western media darlings and will definitely make for awesome cover stories for TIME, New York Times and CNN. Even Al Jazeera perhaps.

It’s the perfect marriage. Of convenience.

Watch for your exclusive invitations!