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BBC’s Stephen Sackur Invites Bong Revilla And Mr. Bean To A Live Dance Showdown

LONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, Paris Bureau) – Stephen Sackur wants to do something different for an upcoming episode of his BBC talk show, “Hardtalk.” He wants a live showdown between Philippine Senatorial candidate Bong Revilla and British comedian Rowan Atkinson, more populary known for his TV character, Mr. Bean. Not an ordinary showdown, but a dance showdown.

The idea came from viral political campaign videos showing Revilla doing budots  dance moves as his way of courting votes. Mr. Bean apparently saw the videos and made his own to prove that he is a better dancer.
Sackur, who has endeared himself to Filipinos for his hard-hitting interviews with Philippine politicians like Senator Antonio Trillanes, says the dance showdown will be a first in British talk show history and could start a new trend not only in Great Britain but worldwide.
BBC has not announced a date for the television showdown.

Robredo To Step Down As VP If None Of The Otso Diretso Makes It To Magic 12?

562623B3-0A69-4EDF-8C64-3F9449E63C43QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – After all, Leni Robredo has some delicadeza left in her. She is promising to vacate her position as Vice President if none of the Otso Diretso Senatorial candidates makes it to the top 12 in Monday’s Philippine midterm elections.

While this may be wishful thinking on the part of many Filipinos, they are hoping that Robredo will be woman enough to take full responsibility for a possible zero win for the eight Opposition candidates.  She has taken on the responsibility of “leading the Opposition,” but a zero win for the Otso would mean a failure of that leadership.

Already,  Otso has scored zero in as far as the endorsement by the block-voting Iglesia Ni Cristo is concerned. None in the Opposition slate made it to the INC endorsement. Is this a foreboding of what will happen on May 13?

Stay tuned!