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Inquirer Fact-checks Fact Checker Rappler!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – How the world  turns. Fact checker Rappler has been fact-checked by Inquirer.

It all started when the online news source owned by convicted libeler Maria Ressa published a report practically claiming that the decades-old broadsheet is throwing in the towel. Ressa and her Rapplerettes may have thought they’ve got company in their repeated narrative about the Philippine Press’ death by a thousand cuts.

One of the most widely-circulated newspapers in the country, Inquirer’s predominantly print media assets have not been spared by the globally receding market for traditional print media. The Prieto family owned the company for 25 years before business tycoon Ramon Ang bought it several years ago.

But Inquirer published its fact-checking rebuttal, headlining its story, “No one’s throwing in the towel.” (Translation: Rappler is a liar!)

We’ll let our readers enjoy the juiciness of the rebuttal via this LINK.

Rappler and Ressa once accused The Adobo Chronicles of “not getting” satire. Well now, we can say Rappler doesn’t get factual news.

Karen Davila’s New Gig: BINGO Caller?

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – One by one, ABS-CBN’s news staff are leaving the defunct network and moving to new gigs at former rival TV and radio stations, the latest of whom is TV Patrol anchor Ted Failon who is moving to TV 5.

This makes Karen Davila, who has been holding out hope that the Kapamilya network will eventually reopen, assuring her a complete return to her anchoring duties, really sad.

Rumors have been going around in circles that Davila has signed a contract with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) to be its lead BINGO caller when the gaming parlors reopen in the very near future.  Specifically, she is said to be assigned to BINGO Bonanza, located at the Mega Mall in Mandaluyong.

Davila has denied the rumors. She told The Adobo Chronicles that her preference would be to remain full time on TV, and her professional goal is to be the No. 1 news anchor not only in the Philippines but in the whole of Southeast Asia.  “No offense meant to our senior citizens who frequent the BINGO parlors nationwide,” she said.

Under B… 1… uno.  No. 1 news anchor…

Maria Ressa Is Not Leaving On A Jet Plane

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Court of Appeals has decided that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is not leaving on a jet plane because it does not know if and when she’ll be back again.

Sounds like that famous song by the late John Denver?

The Court on Wednesday junked a petition by Ressa, a dual Filipino and American citizen,  to travel to the United States.
In a seven-page Resolution dated August 18, 2020,  the Court denied Ressa’s petition for failure to prove that her travel abroad was necessary and that she was not a flight risk. Ressa was convicted of cyber libel early this year.
Ressa has a penchant for mouthing template soundbites like “weaponizing the law,” “we will hold the line,” “suppression of press freedom” and “death by a thousand cuts.”
May we suggest that she add: “weaponizing the law to curtail my Freedom of Movement?”