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Tourism Department To Use Coco Martin’s Emperador TV Commercial To Promote The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Each year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) spends big bucks to create international campaigns to promote Philippine tourism.

Past campaigns promoted internationally-recognized tourist spots like the Banaue Rice Terraces, Palawan’s Underground River, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Albay’s Mayon Volcano, and the miles and miles of white sand beaches all over the islands.

This year, DOT has decided to promote the country’s people — beautiful people.  And it is not going to cost taxpayers a single centavo.

Instead of producing expensive commercials to show on international TV, DOT will use the latest Emperador TV commercial featuring actor Coco Martin.

In this commercial, Martin sings his way through the 30-minute video, surrounded by all good-looking Filipinos — from his friends to traffic police to jeepney drivers to road construction workers.

The message behind the commercial: Philippines is the land of (all) beautiful people.

In a way, the people are among the country’s greatest natural resources.



BREAKING: SEC Clears Rappler, Says It’s Not A Media Company After All (Yellow Edition #3)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  There’s bad news and there’s good news.

The bad news: The Department of Justice has indicted Rappler, Maria Ressa and several others for tax evasion.

The good news: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has cleared Rappler from charges of violating the Philippine Constitution that prohibits foreign ownership of media companies.

The new SEC order means that Rappler and its parent company Rappler Holdings Corporation can continue to do business with or without foreign investment.

A spokesperson for SEC told The Adobo Chronicles that after careful review of the documents provided by Rappler, as well as tons of its previously published stories, SEC concluded that the online news source is actually not a media company and as such is not coverecd by the Constitutional requirement of 100% Filipino ownership.

“It has become quite clear that the “news stories” published by Rappler over the years are actually personal opinions of Ressa and her corps of Rapplerettes,” the spokesperson said.  Just like personal blogs, published opinions such as those of Rappler’s are not covered by media ownership regulations.”

Champagne flowed at Rappler’s headquarters soon after the SEC news broke.

As for the tax evasion indictment of Rappler? Well that’s a different opinion, uhm, we mean news story.

The News Media Got It All Wrong About Baguio City’s Anti-Profanity Ordinance

E7021EED-72DA-40FB-B7C3-C31705728F64.jpegBAGUIO CITY, Philippies (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – All that hype about the Baguio City Government passing a new law that prohibits students and those who frequent businesses like computer shops and arcades from uttering profanities boils down to this: the news media got it all wrong.

A careful reading of Ordinance 118, Series of 2018 makes it clear that it is the schools and businesses that are prohibited from cussing — not the students or or customers.

Here is the exact wording of the Ordinance (highlights provided by us):


So as far as individual students and business customers are concerned, the new Ordinance is moot and academic.  Nothing in the law prohibits them from uttering profanities.  The law must be followed to the letter, so it will be the schools and business establishments that will penalized if they cuss or curse.