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Sereno Interview On BBC: What Did The Inquirer See Or Hear That Most Of Us Didn’t?

6D87F9FC-55C4-4CA8-A07A-747BF0FE9B74MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Moments after that live, BBC interview with Maria Lourdes Sereno, Internetdom exploded with posts and comments practically tagging the ousted SC Chief Justice’s responses to hard-hitting questions by host Stephen Sackur as a disaster, and concluding that she embarrassed herself, and the country.

But the Philippine Daily Inquirer saw it much differently than the rest of us.  In its report about the Sackur-Sereno encounter, the newspaper painted her as some heroine, one out to give voice to the voiceless Filipinos.

So what did Inquirer see or hear that we didn’t?

The Adobo Chronicles investigative team looked into how Inquirer came up with its story and this is what it found out:

Inquirer assigned a newbie, an unpaid intern reporter to cover the story by watching the YouTube recording of the ‘Hardtalk’ program. The intern turned off the audio of the program while she played her favorite Internet game, FarmVille 2 on a split screen.  She got so immersed in the game for most of the duration of the interview.  Realizing she’s missing out on writing a juicy report that could cause her firing, the Intern then turned the audio back on which was at about 25 minutes into the 30-minute interview.

354ED6CB-7743-4094-AD1F-8D5E2E085463And the rest is history, the Inquirer came up with its headline story, so different from what everyone else saw and heard.

Now  you know.


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Sereno, Trillanes Accuse BBC’s Stephen Sackur Of Being A Paid Troll For Duterte

6FF09B3B-951E-41F9-ACF6-DE1DA6FFF905MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – They were both interviewed on BBC’s Hardtalk by host Stephen Sackur.  Now, they’re accusing Sackur of being a paid troll for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Senator Antonio Trillanes both said that they regret agreeing to appear before Sackur’s show.

Sackur all but embarrassed both Filipinos and pummelled them with hard-hitting questions that they couldn’t answer to the host’s satisfaction. 

In both instances, Sackur pointed that that Duterte’s overwhelming approval and satisfaction rate is considered extraordinary even in democratic countries in the West.

Trillanes and Sereno had hoped that being featured on a popular television program such as Hardtalk would be their ticket to instant international fame and bring their anti-Duterte stance to international spotlight. Instead, both political figures crumbled before the eyes of the world.