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New Prayer: ”Ina Namin”

Aba Ginoong Bakulam, nakakapuno ka na ng alkansya.

Ang punong Pharma ay sumasayo

Bukod kang pinagpala sa bakunadong lahat 

At pinagpala naman ang inyong anak na si Gwyneth.

Santa Marita

Ina ni Tes.

Ipanalangin mo kaming takot sa trangkaso

At kung ito talaga ay nakamamatay


(Contributed by PJ)

CORDILLERAS: Move Over, Carrot Man and Cabbage Man, Here Comes Chilli Man!

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio City Bureau) – The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) has had its share of instant celebrities from among its citizens who were just doing their jobs as vegetable farmers and workers.

Many Filipinos are familiar with Carrot Man and Cabbage Man who caught the nation’s attention because of their good looks.

Now, a new sensation is on the horizon. We’re calling him Chilly Man

Like Carrot Man and Cabbage Man, he was caught on candid camera carrying a load of his produce — chilli peppers. But truth be told, his produce were not really newly-harvested chillies. Rather, bottled chilli vinaigrette which he sells in his Baguio-based Café Tam Tam.

Will he be the next celebrity sensation on GMA 7, or the defunct ABS-CBN?

Stay tuned!

The McDonald’s And Mang Inasal Surprise Merger!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As that viral marquee sign says, McDonald’s is the world’s no. 1 except in the Philippines where it can’t beat that big, fat, smiling bee (Jollibee). Not even the recent incident of the crispy-fried Chicken Joy can change that.

Now, McDonald’s is trying a new business strategy. It is merging with Mang Inasal, the famous Filipino grilled meat restaurant famous for its unli rice (unlimited rice).

The merger is a big boost to local employment since workers can now do a morning shift at McDonald’s and work the evening shift at Mang Inasal, as shown by this photo of a dual employee:

A McDonald’s spokesperson told The Adobo Chronicles that Mang Inasal will eventually renamed McInasal.