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Philippines’ Bureau Of Customs Seizes Fake Samsung TVs!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Samsung is definitely one of the leading brands in smart phones and electronics, but this reputation may have been tarnished after the Bureau of Customs seized a container of television sets that arrived at the Port of Manila.

Although the shipment from South Korea had the proper import documentation, a random check by Customs personnel showed that the items were fake.

An inspector turned on one of the shipped TV sets and lo and behold, it flashed a different brand: SMASNUG!

The shipment has been quarantined for further investigation.

This is a developing story.

Facebook To Charge Reconnection Fee For Repeat Friend Requests!

SAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Headquarters) – Our friends at Facebook never run out of ways to make money out of its subscribers, the latest being charging $12 per month for that much-coveted blue verified checkmark.

Now, they’re swooping in on those who want to re-establish FB friendships after having been previously unfriended.

The Adobo Chronicles learned that if the new friend request is accepted, Facebook will send an email and bill to the requester for a flat fee of $5, payable by PayPal or credit card. The charge will appear as “reconnection fee” much like what is being charged by telecommunications companies for accounts that have been deactivated or cancelled.

It is only when the payment is received by Facebook that the accepted friend requests will be effective.

Rappler, Adobo Chronicles Compete To Buy Pinoy Big Brother House!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Right around the corner from the main building of the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center in Quezon City stands the Victorian-like, colorful Pinoy Big Brother House, home to many seasons of the popular PBB TV show.

It’s now on sale, an announcement from ABS-CBN said, for P2 Billion! Proceeds from the sale is presumed to help reduce the former television network’s debt which as of July last year, stood at P18.4 Billion.

Maria Ressa’s Rappler Holdings Corporation has reportedly put in a bid for P1.6 Billion, in anticipation of a possible Supreme Court ruling affirming the Nobel Laureate’s conviction for Cyber Libel. If it wins the bid, Rappler is expected to move its main headquarters from Mandaluyong to Quezon City which is considered more friendly to businesses and sympathetic to the political opposition. A possible new CEO has been identified and is waiting on the sidelines for the SC decision.

On the other hand, The Adobo Chronicles is contemplating to bid for the PBB House for P1.8 Billion, as it continues to expand its worldwide reach and to accommodate its increasing staff. AC is on the list of the world’s Top 100 Satire Sites, placing 34th — up from last month’s 38th spot.

May the best bidder win!