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San Francisco’s Gay Men Hit Hard By Down Economy

Internet grab (thanks to Michael Martin Navarrete Bello)

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Gay men living in San Francisco have been hit hard by the economic downturn and are striving hard to cope.

It’s not only housing rent that’s skyrocketed in this City by the Bay. The cost of everything — from groceries to gas ⛽️ have become very prohibitive.  Even fabric, to the dismay of the highly-fashionable community.

But as always, gay men find ways to weather the storm, boldly but surely.

Walking the streets of Castro, the gay district, one will notice a growing number of gay men wearing “crop top” t-shirts, a new fashion trend that uses minimal fabric (see photo).

It’s time to scan your closets and rip up (or down) your favorite t-shirts.

It’s the economy, stupid!


Why Incidence Of Hypertension Is Highest Among Devout Catholics In The Philippines

IMG_0307MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – A still to be released study shows that in the Philippines, the incidence of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is highest among devout Catholics. And it has to do with Fridays and Lent.

We are in the midst of the holiest of seasons, which culminates on Easter Sunday.  Each Friday during Lent, Catholics are expected to abstain from meat. But the more devout Catholics have made every Friday throughout the year as “fish Friday.”

So what has that got to do with high blood pressure?

Many Filipinos don’t have easy access to fresh fish, or where it is readily available, the cost is prohibitive.  So they turn to dried fish 🐟 which is fairly inexpensive: tuyo, tinapa, dilis.

IMG_0306Problem is, dried fish has a very high sodium content, as high as 166% of daily nutritional values. (See nutritional chart for dried fish)

In most people, the kidneys have trouble keeping up with the excess sodium in the bloodstream. As sodium accumulates, the body holds onto water to dilute the sodium. This increases both the amount of fluid surrounding cells and the volume of blood in the bloodstream. Increased blood volume means more work for the heart and more pressure on blood vessels. Over time, the extra work and pressure can stiffen blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. It can also lead to heart failure. There is also some evidence that too much salt can damage the heart, aorta, and kidneys without increasing blood pressure, and that it may be bad for bones, too.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. It accounts for two-thirds of all strokes and half of heart disease. 

Imagine consuming high amounts of sodium every Friday, assuming one doesn’t eat dried fish on other days of the week.  Overload!

So, we’re calling on the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines to grant all Filipinos a special dispensation from abstinence so that we may be able to significantly reduce hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the country.

Either that or Catholic Churches should give out free fresh fish to their congregation on each Friday of the year. That’s a good way to unload and liquidate their financial investments.

SWS Survey: Only 1 In 10 Filipinos Not Happy; Here’s A Random Sampling

Photo credit: GettyImages

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  At least 9 in 10 Filipinos said they are happy and satisfied with life in general nowadays, making it the highest happiness rate in the past 20 years, based on a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results.

As a follow-up to the SWS survey, The Adobo Chronicles sent its investigative reporters to find out who comprise the 10 percent of Filipinos who are not happy. Here’s a random sampling of our findings in various venues:

  • Boracay Mansion – VP Leni Robredo
  • Senate – Alfonso Trillanes
  • Camp Crame – Incarcerated Senator Leila De Lima
  • Archbishop’s Palace – Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Socrates Villegas
  • Australia – Jim Paredes
  • U.S. – Loida Nicolas-Lewis
  • News Media – Rappler’s Maria Ressa
  • Social Media – Cynthia Patag
  • Book Authors – Raissa Robles
  • Film – Agot Isidro
  • Women – Senator Risa Hontiveros
  • Men – Self-confessed murderer Arthur Lascañas
  • Children – Name withheld, still under legal age
  • Retired Politicians – Ex-President NoyNoy Aquino
  • Retired Film and TV personalities – Kris Aquino
  • Activists – Gabriela
  • Propagandists – Georgina
  • Landgrabbers – Luisita

The Adobo Chronicles’ random sampling has no margin of error.