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Inspiring Stories: Fishball Vendor Sends His Three Children To Ateneo, De La Salle And U.P.

The Adobo Chronicles  is launching a series of human interest stories that are meant to inspire our readers — stories of ordinary citizens who are making a difference in the lives of their families and their countrymen.

We begin with the story of Mang Juan, a fishball vendor.


Bam Aquino Decries Deflation

0CDBD179-0D44-4033-95F5-4CAEB1CD1CA4.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Opposition Senator Bam Aquino has been very vocal about the rise in inflation rate in the country.  It has been his battlecry on his social media accounts, consistently pointing to the increasing prices of rice and other basic commodities.

With the recent rollback in gas prices and the stabilization of rice supply and retail cost, Aquino has found a new calling: to protest what he sees would be the next economic problem of the country: deflation.

Aquino has definitely mastered the art of making a mountain out of a mole.



VP Leni Robredo’s Solution To Fight Rising Inflation: Ban Hamon, Keso de Bola And Fruit Cocktail This Christmas

0542B7E6-891D-46B7-9EC4-DA3180AE325DTORONTO, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles, Toronto Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo’s brand of economics is quite avant-garde.  Remember how she calculated the impact of the increasing prices of rice on poor Filipinos (4x10x4=1,600)?

Now, Robredo has what she calls a “fool-proof” solution to the rising inflation in her country.

Speaking to reporters upon her arrival in Canada, Robredo said the government needs to do more to ease the prices of basic commodities while boosting consumer spending in local industries.

”I propose that the government impose a total ban on hamon, keso de bola and fruit cocktail this coming Christmas season,” she said.

“These luxury food items prepared by many Filipino households as part of the traditional ‘Noche Buena” could only exacerbate the country’s sick economy.  Imagine if Filipinos spend their hard-earned money in more basic and simple commodities like rice, fish and vegetables rather than fancy food fares?  That’s a lot of savings!  Moreover, they would have extra cash to do their Christmas shopping for other goods like clothes, shoes, bags and new cell phones which, in turn, would benefit many of the small retailers.  It’s a win-win situation,” she told reporters.

So, here’s to a simpler and austere Christmas.  No more inflation!