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MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Who needs to go to Brazil to visit the Amazon rainforest? Tourists can now have that experience in the Philippines, just by riding the MRT, Metro Manila’s light railway system.

Today, MRT officials unveiled the world’s first tropical rainforest-themed train. Lucky commuters who were picked through a lottery experienced the inaugural ride from Quezon City to Makati, drenched in refreshing water that poured from the train’s ceiling.

“They should have thought about this sooner, ” one commuter said, adding, “It is a great way to beat the hot and humid weather and remain fresh and cooled upon reaching your destination.”

The lucky commuters were given complimentary towels with the logo of the Office of the President at the exits.

During the train’s  regular runs, however, commuters have to bring their own towels.


Seattleimage, Washington (The Adobo Chronicles) – Amazon, the largest online retailer of books and other commercial products, has issued an apology for an embarrassing shipping error in which it mailed out a 1987 porn movie to customers who ordered Hillary Clinton’s new book, ‘Hard Choices.’ The porn flick, directed  by Ron Sullivan who passed away from cancer in 2008, had the exact same title as Clinton’s book.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who recently bought The Washington Post for $250 Million, personally called Mrs. Clinton to apologize for what he called a serious computer glitch. Bezos said that an Amazon summer intern typed in the wrong International Standard Book Number (ISBN) when he was generating the bar code for Clinton’s book. The intern apparently typed in the ISBN for the porn video.image

It wasn’t immediately known how many copies of the video have so far been shipped to customers.

Bezos also apologized to Amazon’s customers who received the wrong order, saying Amazon will immediately ship the correct item.  He is matching the apology with a $50 Amazon gift card for future online  purchases.

As for the porn video, Bezos said customers who received it in error can keep it at no charge. “No need to ship it back.”


imageWashington, DC – The big news this week was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement that the future of package delivery would be the unmanned drone. It has generated both jitters and excitement in government circles and the business community because of its impact on airspace security and potential for crime as well as the efficiency of the shipping industry.

Today, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced its response to Amazon’s drone delivery.  It is calling it the Rabbit Express, not to be confused with the bus service to and from New York City.

For many years now, USPS has been plaqued with financial problems due to competition from shipping services like UPS and FedEx as well as the  ease and popularity of emails versus postal delivery.

Unknown to many, USPS has been developing a new delivery service that would be faster and cheaper than all the services it currently offers while eliminating the need for mail delivery (human) personnel.

Classified documents obtained by The Adobo Chronicles revealed that USPS has been training herds and herds of rabbits which, with the aid of computer chips, could deliver letters and flat envelopes to addresses within a 50-mile radius of post offices in less than 20 minutes.  The documents showed that the cost of the Rabbit Express would be 50% less than what USPS now charges for flat-rate priority mail. The secret training farm is located somewhere in Arizona.

If it fits the size and weight of the rabbit, it ships!