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droneLUCENA CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – An unmanned drone, believed to belong to the United States Navy, was found in the town of Patnanungan, Quezon Province in the Philippines on Sunday afternoon.  It is suspected to have either malfunctioned or crashed in this tiny island facing the Pacific Ocean.

Both the Philippine military and the U.S. Embassy confirmed the discovery.  The aerial target drone BQM-74E with serial number BQ55079 is now in the custody of Patnanungan police.

Lt. Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr., Chief of Staff of the Philippine Armed Forces accused the U.S. of spying but did not elaborate on what it was spying about.

However, Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, denied that the captured aircraft was a spy plane.  He said when it crashed, the drone was on its way to take aerial photographs of the December 30, 2014 wedding of Philippine film stars Dindong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Harris admitted being a die-hard fan of the two Filipino celebrities. “I was extremely disappointed that I didn’t get an invitation to the ‘royal wedding’ so the best I could do was to send an unmanned aircraft to capture some of the photoghraphic moments of their union,” Harris said.

High definition movie cameras were found inside the captured drone.


imageWashington, DC – The big news this week was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement that the future of package delivery would be the unmanned drone. It has generated both jitters and excitement in government circles and the business community because of its impact on airspace security and potential for crime as well as the efficiency of the shipping industry.

Today, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced its response to Amazon’s drone delivery.  It is calling it the Rabbit Express, not to be confused with the bus service to and from New York City.

For many years now, USPS has been plaqued with financial problems due to competition from shipping services like UPS and FedEx as well as the  ease and popularity of emails versus postal delivery.

Unknown to many, USPS has been developing a new delivery service that would be faster and cheaper than all the services it currently offers while eliminating the need for mail delivery (human) personnel.

Classified documents obtained by The Adobo Chronicles revealed that USPS has been training herds and herds of rabbits which, with the aid of computer chips, could deliver letters and flat envelopes to addresses within a 50-mile radius of post offices in less than 20 minutes.  The documents showed that the cost of the Rabbit Express would be 50% less than what USPS now charges for flat-rate priority mail. The secret training farm is located somewhere in Arizona.

If it fits the size and weight of the rabbit, it ships!