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Popes Francis, left, and Benedict, right
Popes Francis, left, and Benedict, right

Rome, Italy (The Adobo Chronicles) – It has come down to this: Germany or Argentina. Which team will win the 2014 World Cup?

The answer might boil down to who has greater favor with God — Pope Francis or Pope Benedict. Both Pontiffs have reportedly engaged in some major prayer petitions lately on behalf of their respective football teams.

Pope Francis is from Argentina and Pope Benedict is from Germany.

The outcome of Sunday’s World Cup finals will definitely confirm which of the two living popes is more favored by the Almighty.

Since the final match is scheduled on a Sunday when Catholics go to church to attend mass, will the Catholic faithful pray for their favorite team? Which prayer petition will be answered: pro Germany or pro Argentina?

There is so much tension in the Vatican right now.



The Philippine Arena
The Philippine Arena

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (The Adobo Chronicles) – The 2014 World Cup concludes with the final match between Germany and  Argentina this Sunday. Already, all eyes are focused on the 2018 World Cup.

Earlier, Russia won the bid to host the next World Cup, but mounting concern about the country’s human rights record has forced FIFA  (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) to cancel the winning bid and name an alternative venue for 2018 soccer games.

In an announcement that stunned the world football community, FIFA has named the Philippines as the new venue for the 2018 World Cup.  Unknown to many, the Philippines does have its national football team named ‘Azkals,’ which is ranked 129th by FIFA.  Whether or not the Azkals can qualify for the 2018 games is not an issue.  Rather it is all about the venue.

The Azkals
The Azkals

This year, the Philippines will inaugurate the Philippine Arena located in Bocaue, Bulacan, just 14 miles north of Manila.  It is owned by the filthy rich religious group, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), which accounts for just about 3% of all religious denominations in the country.

FIFA was very impressed with the enormity of the domed structure. Using the arena as the venue for the World Cup was the deal breaker in the decision to award the Philippines the hosting rights for 2018.

The 74,000 square meter indoor arena has a seating capacity of 50,000, way above the FIFA standard of 30,000 for its World Cup venues. Once completed, the Philippine Arena will be the largest domed structure in the world. In comparison, the Madison Square Garden in New York could only sit 20,000 people, while the Staples Center in Los Angeles has a capacity of 21,000.

Designed by Kansas City-based architecture firm Populous, construction is being carried out by South Korea’s Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp. and is expected to be completed in time to mark the church’s centennial celebration this year.The church said it plans to use the arena for religious gatherings, except in 2018 when it will rent out the arena to FIFA.

It’s not only “more fun in the Philippines”  (the Philippine Department of Tourism meme).  It’s also bigger and better in this island nation.

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imageNew Canaan, Connecticut (The Adobo Chronicles) – Belgium celebrated its 2-1 win over the United States in today’s World Cup match which led to the elimination of the Americans from the competition. In the U.S. , conservative columnist Ann Coulter was doing her own celebrating.

Coulter, in her syndicated column last week berated America’s fascination for soccer which she described as a sign of the nation’s moral decay. She wrote,  “One can only hope that, in addition to learning English, these new Americans (referring to immigrants) will drop their soccer fetish with time.”


Coulter appeared vindicated with the U.S. loss to Belgium and announced that on July 4th, she will be hosting a Belgian waffle breakfast at her family’s home in New Canaan. The Universal Press Syndicate which distributes her column, will sponsor the breakfast.

The event will be by invitation only, and Coulter said that no soccer moms will be invited.