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Levi's Stadium at night - Screen grab (NBC Bay Area)
Screen grab (NBC Bay Area)

SANTA CLARA, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – In an investigative report that  recently aired on NBC Bay Area, commercial pilots are claiming that the lights from Levi’s Stadium during evening games are posing a serious threat to airline safety for planes landing at nearby San Jose Mineta International Airport. Pilots describe the stadium lights as so ‘blinding’ they can’t see the airport runway.

Reacting to the report, the City and County of Santa Clara has banned all evening football games or concerts  at Levi’s Stadium, citing airline safety.

For 49er fans, this would be the end of Monday Night Football as we know it.

Santa Clara has allowed one exception to the ban, however, since Levi’s Stadium is host to the 2016 Superbowl. On that Sunday, commercial airlines will be banned from landing at the Mineta aiport between 5pm and midnight.

Passengers scheduled to arrive February 7 at that time in San Jose are advised to contact their airlines.

This may go down in history as the worst planning ever for a U.S. football stadium.


imageSanta Clara, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – San Francisco is having the last laugh, although it’s at the expense of its beloved team, the 49ers.

It was just this past summer when the 49ers moved to its new home stadium, Levi’s in Santa Clara, following the closure of Candlestick Park.

The move from San Francisco to Santa Clara has all but crushed the 49ers’ chances of being in the Super Bowl. In fact, San Francisco’s season is on the brink of extinction after the 49ers (7-6) imploded in a 24-13 loss to the Oakland Raiders (2-11) on Sunday.

Following the devastating 49er loss  to the Raiders, the San Francisco team finally agreed to sell the Levi’s Stadium to the Oakland team which has been eyeing the new stadium since it opened in August.

Jim Harbaugh’s squad will have to look for another home stadium and the consensus among the owner, coach and players is to move back to San Francisco. They believe that moving back will revive the luster that the team had when they were in the Super Bowl two years ago.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was a happy camper after hearing of the sale and  pledged to do all he can to help find a new home for the 49ers in the City by the Bay.


San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – It happened yet again, before tens of thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers.

Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Aaron Lewis came out to sing the Star-spangled banner at AT&T Park before Game 5 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals. He botched the lyrics and had one “gallantly streaming” too many.

The U.S. National Anthem is now officially the “most murdered song lyrics” of all time.  Thanks to Lewis and the likes of Roseanne Barr, Christina Aguilera, Carl Lewis, Michael Bolton and many other celebrities. A quick Google search will show you all the embarrassing moments of our flag.

Republican Senator Michele Bachmann of Minessota wants to put a stop to this madness. Today, she filed a bill in Congress seeking  to scrap the singing of the national anthem at baseball, football and other ball games, especially during the World Series or the Super Bowl.

“We need to respect the one song that binds us all together — Republicans, Democrats and Independents. If we can’t sing it right, let’s not sing it at all, ” Bachmann said.

In her bill , Bachmann proposed that the singing of the national anthem during ball games be replaced instead with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. But to make sure that no one messes up the pledge, she also proposed that cheat sheets bearing the correct verses of the pledge be distributed to all those in attendance at the ball games.

“We can still make a spectacle out of it, ” she said, suggesting, for example, that the pledge be followed by the firing of handguns and AK-47s into the air. The National Rifle Association (NRA) said it would support Bachmann’s bill, promising to be a major sponsor of ball games nationwide.

Bachmann hopes to gather bi-partisan support for her bill. “This will be my legacy in Congress,” she said.