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Jason Hernandez, Moira Dela Torre Tied For No. 1 Spot In PH Music Charts!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Sometimes, it helps to air your dirty laundry in public, especially if it’s about marriage woes, spas and ghost writers.

Case in point: Singers Jason Hernandez and Moira dela Torre have been trending on social media because of back and forth accusations about who is in the wrong and who is in the right (with people around them and netizens joining in the fray) in their relationship.

Now, the (former) husband and wife are tied in the No. 1 spot in national Philippine music charts. Their respective singles – ‘Ikaw Parin’ (Jason) and “Eme’ (Moira) have catapulted to the top most listened to Pilipino music of all time.

After all, there is hope for all struggling artists out there. You just need to dirty your laundry and air it in public!

Tres Leches To Launch In Debut Concert At MOA

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When the going is tough, look to greener pastures.

This is exactly what three of the Philippines’ controversial vloggers are doing after realizing their careers are going southward. They’ve lost credibility among friends and foes alike, and they needed a fresh start with a new income-generating career.

Unknown to many, the three have some hidden talent never harnessed professionally before — singing!

So now, Maria Ressa, Raissa Robles and Binibining Maharlika have decided to form an all-women band. Not just an ordinary band — a rock band!

What’s more, their launch will be in a form of a full-length concert at the Mall of Asia (MOA) arena.

Move over, Korean pop stars and Filipino concert queens. Make way for Tres Leches!

ChatGPT Stealing Jobs From Journalists, Songwriters, Book Authors, Film Makers!

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Anyone can now become an instant journalist, songwriter, book author or film maker, thanks to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities have created a huge demand with the ‘app’ accumulating over 100 million users within two months of launching. One of the biggest standout features has been its ability to compose all sorts of text within seconds, including songs, poems, bedtime stories, and essays. 

As a result, many professionals are losing their jobs, and they are fighting back!

The Adobo Chronicles has learned that a worldwide coalition of the affected professions is now in the process of filing a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the app.

The lawsuit cites multiple violations including copyright infringement, plagiarism, unfair business practices; and is seeking trillions of dollars in compensation.

Anyone who wishes to join the class-action suit may contact NoChatGPT@ Utmost patience is needed to get through requests and messages since the designated email uses dial-up technology — a big contrast to what ChatGPT can do in just seconds!