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imageJACKSONVILLE, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Acuvue became the latest company brand to join the bandwagon celebrating the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Acuvue (from “Accurate view”) is a brand of disposable contact lenses. They are made by Vistakon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and  is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Acuvue lens was introduced in 1987.

Today, Acuvue unveiled the latest addition to its long list of disposable contact lenses — the rainbow contacts.

It comes in both prescription and non-prescription versions.

“Either way, our customers will absolutely love the prism vision they will get from these (e)quality lenses,” a spokesperson for Acuvue said.




L-R: Abbott, Jindal, Cruz
L-R: Abbott, Jindal, Cruz

SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles®) – From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from sea to shining sea, rainbow-colored filters are showing up on Facebook pages — all in the name of marriage equality.

Facebook profile photos are now sporting the colors of the gay flag. It all started soon after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling Friday, declaring that marriage is a constitutional right for all — gay or straight.  The popular social network now enables Facebook users to upload the Pride colors that serve as a filter to their profile photos.

But there is huge glitch.

It appears that that if Facebook detects that the user is a conservative, member of the religious right, or has posted anti gay-marriage comments in the past, a different filter is uploaded  and it’s not anything close to the rainbow colors.

Among the first to notice the glitch was Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has criticized the Supreme Court ruling and is asking his constituents to face the ruling with civil disobedience.

Others with similar experience included Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator Ted Cruz.


Pence (Photo: indystar.com)
Pence (Photo: indystar.com)

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (The Adobo Chronicles) – Emboldened by supporters after he signed a state legislation legalizing discrimination against gay men and women based on religious belief, Governor Mike Pence today issued an Executive Order in preparation for next week’s Easter celebration.

Executive Order 666 prohibits state and local government offices as well as vendors and contractors that receive government funding from holding Easter egg hunt gathering and activities that feature rainbow-colored eggs.

Banned in Indiana
Banned in Indiana

In issuing the order, Pence said ” We need to start promoting religious and moral values among our citizens while they are still young. We will not allow our young kids to be exposed to the moral propensity of the gay community. Having the gay colors in such a revered tradition during Easter is not appropriate for the children.”

Pence ordered the National Guard to monitor all Easter egg hunt activities within the state to make sure that eggs be painted only in one color of the organizer’s choice. Several colors on eggs that even slightly resemble the gay flag will be confiscated.