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San Francisco LGBTs Rally Behind Manny Pacquiao, Wants Him Honored At This Year’s Pride Celebration

imageSAN FRANCISCO, California ( The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Thousands of gay men and women in San Francisco are coming to the defense of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao despite his disparaging comments comparing them to animals. In fact, they want to honor him in the coming Pride Parade and Celebration in June this year, his opposition to same-sex marriage notwithstanding.

Each year, the San Francisco Pride committee looks to the LGBT community to help decide on parade grand marshals and other honorees. It is done by public voting.

LGBT community leaders are encouraging community members to vote for Pacquiao for the coveted Pink Brick Award.  If chosen, Pacquiao will be the first Filipino to be honored with this prestigious award.

Previous honorees include George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Boy Scouts of America.

Public voting ends February 29.

For more information on the Pink Brick Award and on the public voting, visit the SF Pride Committee’s website.


imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles ®) – It’s been a great year to be proud. The 2015 Pride celebration in San Francisco will go down in history as the most celebrated LGBT event ever, happening just days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality.

So, what’s the next big thing in San Francisco? Ginger Pride.

The Dutch are to hold their tenth successive Roodharigendag festival, otherwise known as Redhead Day and the UK’s first Ginger Pride Walk was hosted in Edinburgh – with a throng of Scottish marchers standing up against gingerism and bluey bullying.

San Francisco doesn’t want to be left behind. After all, it is the city that pioneered gay marriage in the U.S.  So, it is planning for the first ever Ginger Pride in the country to honor what seems to  be a diminishing breed.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee issued a nationwide call for all ginger-haired people to gather in the city in the summer of 2016 for the first U.S. Ginger Pride Celebration.

A sea of ginger-haired people will fill several blocks of Market Street in a grand parade, followed by a ginger festival at the Civic Center Plaza. City Hall at night will light up for an entire week in ginger color.

Lee’s invitation is open to all naturally ginger-haired people only which disappointed many in the gay, as well as Filipino communities. But the mayor explained that the goal of the festival is to draw national attention to bullying constantly experienced by authentic gingers.

One San Francisco ginger praised the decision saying that she is always approached by people in bars, malls and even at work, with the question, “Wow, your hair is lovely! Where did you get it done?”

Hollywood actress Emma Stone will be the parade’s grand marshal. Although she is a natural blonde, the Ginger Pride Committee thought she represents the perfect ginger. And she’s a celebrity that would draw crowds to this fun event.


L-R: Abbott, Jindal, Cruz
L-R: Abbott, Jindal, Cruz

SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles®) – From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from sea to shining sea, rainbow-colored filters are showing up on Facebook pages — all in the name of marriage equality.

Facebook profile photos are now sporting the colors of the gay flag. It all started soon after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling Friday, declaring that marriage is a constitutional right for all — gay or straight.  The popular social network now enables Facebook users to upload the Pride colors that serve as a filter to their profile photos.

But there is huge glitch.

It appears that that if Facebook detects that the user is a conservative, member of the religious right, or has posted anti gay-marriage comments in the past, a different filter is uploaded  and it’s not anything close to the rainbow colors.

Among the first to notice the glitch was Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has criticized the Supreme Court ruling and is asking his constituents to face the ruling with civil disobedience.

Others with similar experience included Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator Ted Cruz.