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Sarah Palin: image of a strong president?
Sarah Palin: image of a strong president?

Washington, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – Former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin appears to be stealing the limelight from her fellow Republicans who are in official positions in government.

First, she challenged Congress to impeach Barack Obama for what she called “illegal activities” of the president — from Obamacare, to Benghazi, to the VA healthcare scandal.  She thought members of Congress do not have “the guts” to initiate impeachment proceedings.  That didn’t sit well with Speaker John Boehner and other Republican leaders.

Now, fed up with the U.S. immigration issue capped in recent weeks by the border crisis involving unaccompanied children from Central America, Palin proposed what she thinks is the perfect solution:  reinstate the draft.

For more than 50 years, Selective Service and the registration for America’s young men have served as a backup system to provide manpower to the U.S. Armed Forces.  From 1948 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the armed forces which could not be filled through voluntary means.  The draft formally ended in 1973.

Palin’s idea is to deploy American citizens recruited through the draft to line the entire perimeter of all U.S. borders with Mexico. Based on her expert calculation, the most effective way to deter unauthorized U.S. entry  through the borders is to station one draftee for every five feet of the border. “Now, that would make it impossible for unauthorized immigrants to slip through,” she said. “It will be a round-the-clock guarding and surveillance of the borders, with the draftees working on 8-hour shifts,” she added.

The U.S.-Mexico border spans a total of 1,954 miles or 10,317,120 feet.  With a draftee stationed every 5 feet, the border would need 2,063,424 draftees at any given time. Multiplied by three, 8-hour shifts, the total personnel required to secure the border is 6,190,272.

With her recent public statements, many suspect that Palin is trying to resurrect her visibility in preparation to run for president in 2016. She was quoted recently saying that if she became president, women will be included in the draft.  “I believe in equality,” she said.



Michael Sam
Michael Sam

Atlanta, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles) – History was made today when the St. Louis Rams picked the first openly gay player ever to be drafted in the NFL. Michael Sam will join the Rams in the next NFL season.

It was a big win for Sam and the lgbt community but the biggest winner was CNN.

As soon as NFL vice president of game operations Mike Kensil walked to the podium at Radio City Music Hall in New York and announced the selection of Sam, pandemonium filled the newsroom at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. Producers, news directors and anchors were high-fiving each other and popping bottles of champagne.

For several weeks now, CNN was getting very nervous because it was running out of news material for its 24-hour cable broadcast.  It has spent several months covering and discussing the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines  Flight 370. To this day, CNN could only report that the search operations for the doomed plane or debris have turned up nothing – zero, nada, zilch. CNN anchors, pundits and self-proclaimed expert analysts have run out of theories, speculation and wishful thoughts on what happened to the Boeing 777 jetliner. They’ve also run out of props (toy planes, etc).

The NFL draft announcement would  give CNN a good 90 days of continuous coverage and it has lined up guests and experts who will discuss, analyze, and speculate on the aftermath of Sam’s unprecedented draft.

CNN Newsroom has already scheduled segment topics such as ‘The Future of NFL,’ ‘Locker Room Politics’ and ‘Heterosexuality, Homesexuality and the new NFL.’