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imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Vendors seem to be under attack in some countries in Asia.

The government of Singapore recently announced that beginning in 2017, vendors will no longer to able to display cigarettes in their stalls. The new law is aimed at preventing young kids from taking up smoking. All too often, young people are exposed to this unhealthy addiction through point-of-sale displays of cigarettes.

Following Singapore’s lead, Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino, upon the joint recommendation of the Health and Tourism Departments, issued an executive order banning the display and sale of chicken feet by sidewalk vendors.  Fried chicken feet, similar to those served in Chinese dim sum, is a popular and inexpensive street food in the country.

The same executive order prohibits eating balut (boiled duck embryo) in public. It may still be sold by street vendors but can only be consumed in the privacy of people’s homes.

In issuing the order, Aquino said he hopes that the ban will not only improve the health of Filipinos but also boost tourism by creating a better Philippine image in the eyes of foreign visitors who can not stand the sight of chicken feet and balut.

The order is in keeping with the administration’s mantra of daang matuwid (street, uhm, straight path).



DES MOINES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – While some New Yorkers  have signed a petition demanding a Filipino restaurant in Manhattan to strike off balut from its menu, states like Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota have increased their quota for the importation of this Filipino delicacy.  Balut is a boiled duck embryo popular as a street food in the Philippines.

Iowa became the third state to declare an emergency response to a fast-expanding U.S. bird-flu outbreak on Friday as the national poultry death toll climbed toward record levels.

Officials in Iowa, the biggest egg-producing state, said they had identified four more suspected cases of avian influenza, and the likely number of birds affected in the state is now more than 16 million. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad declared a state of emergency, the same move that was made last month by his counterparts in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Branstad said the state government is doing all it can to ensure that Iowans get their recommended daily intake of dairy, consistent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutrition guide, My Plate, which recommends the amount of daily foods that Americans should consume for a healthy life.

“We are asking Iowans to eat  balut instead of chicken or eggs during this period of emergency to ensure both their safety and their nutritional health,” Branstad said.



NEW YORK CITY, New York – An animal rights activist in New York claims even balut has animal rights, and wants it off the menu at a local restaurant.

Activist Gabrielle Hardy is urging Maharlika, a popular Filipino restaurant in New York, to stop serving the Filipino delicacy.

Balut is a popular food item in the Philippines and has been for generations. It is a boiled duck embryo that’s eaten directly off its shell. It is considered food for the masses although rich people secretly devour balut in the privacy of their mansions.

Hardy created the online petition two weeks ago saying that balut is disgusting and it should be taken off Maharlika’s menu. She said people should not eat the unborn duck fetus.

By Friday morning, the petition gained 4,659 signatures out of its goal of 5,000 signatures.

Immediately after the ban-the-balut petition was posted online, a group of Filipino New Yorkers created and posted a counter online petition asking the animal rights activist to shut up and leave their balut alone. “Why are they picking on balut when they should be protesting against hotels and restaurants for serving steaks and lobsters, or even asking the government to outlaw McDonald’s hamburger or Kentucky Fried Chicken?” they said.

The Filipinos also urged Maharlika Restaurant not only to keep balut on their menu but also to put a picture of the balut on the cover of their menu books.

By Saturday noon, more than 50,000 people, mostly Filipinos, had signed the counter petition.

New York City is home to some 80,000 Filipinos, the fourth largest Asian group in the city. In the entire U.S., the Filipino population currently stands at 3.4 Million.

Don’t mess with Filipinos in New York, or anywhere.  And leave their balut alone!