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Trump’s new proposed U.S.-Mexico Border

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Realizing that he won’t be able to force Mexico to pay for the great wall that he wants to build along the U.S. southern border, Republican  presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump has revised his anti-immigration policy proposal.

Trump now wants to sell California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas back to Mexico and use the money to pay for a new U.S. border wall north and east of these states.

Up until 1848,  California and its neighboring southwest states were internationally recognized provinces of free Mexico, until the U.S. decided it wanted those provinces, declared war on Mexico and stole them.

“I am a businessman and I make decisions based on what’s good for business,” Trump said. “Americans  and Mexicans both will thank me for it. It will finally put to rest America’s dragged-out immigration problem without costing us a cent.”

This new policy could very well be Trump’s ticket to The White House.


ssuperbowlGlendale, Arizona (The Adobo Chronicles) – Super Bowl XLIX, the 49th edition of the Super Bowl is scheduled to be played on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals.

Two major announcements were made today regarding the Super Bowl:  Katy Perry as the half-time show performer, and a new Super Bowl logo.

Survey after survey have shown that 90 percent of Americans can’t read Roman numerals, so starting with the  2015 Super Bowl, the Roman numerals will be substituted with regular numbers.  Hence Super Bowl XLIX will now be known as Super Bowl 50-10+10-1.  Here is how the new logo will look like:



Brewer, left, and Bachmann
Brewer, left, and Bachmann

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer have been best of friends, sharing the same conservative views and supporting each other’s bid for elective positions and idiotic policies. That is about to change.

Bachmann told reporters today that she has ‘unfriended’ Brewer on her Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages over the governor’s veto of the controversial Arizona bill that would legalize discrimination against the gay population.

Hours before Brewer’s veto announcement, Bachmann went on CNN and told Wolf Blitzer that she supports the right of people with sincere religious beliefs to refuse business services to gay men and women. “This country needs to be tolerant of religious  beliefs,” she told Blitzer. Bachmann is rumored to launch a second attempt to gain the Republication nomination for president in 2016.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles about her reaction to the unfriending, Brewer said: “Good riddance. Michele’s posts are boring anyway.” She adds: “This makes it an easier decision for me to challenge her for the 2016 presidential nomination. Now that I have become so popular for vetoing the Arizona bill, I think I have a much better chance than Michele to be the GOP nominee. For one I know that I now have 100% support from the Log Cabin Republicans.” (Log Cabin Republicans are a segment of the GOP supporting the rights of lgbt Americans)