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imageSan Francisco, California – On ‘Spare the Air’ days – which observers say San Francisco has been declaring more frequently in the last couple of months – residents are prohibited from burning wood, even on a cold winter night.

Now, the City by the Bay, considered the most environmentally-conscious in all of the U.S., has imposed new restrictions on these designated days.  The new rules prohibit residents and transients alike from bringing certain aromatic foods on board MUNI and BART trains and buses.

Included in the banned items are bagoong, the fermented fish or shrimp paste used in popular Filipino dishes like kare-kare; any kind of curry dishes; kimchee; and even Sriracha, the much-loved hot red chili sauce that almost disappeared from the market lately. Only unopened, sealed bottles of Sriracha will be permitted.

(It will be recalled that last November, a California judge ordered a partial shutdown of Huy Hong Foods, makers of Sriracha, because residents complained of spicy smells the Irwindale factory was producing.)

Pizza was originally included among the banned items but the powerful lobby representing  San Francisco Italian restaurants and pizzerias was able to convince city officials to strike it off the list.

Train and bus riders caught violating the new rules will be charged with a misdemeanor and will be stripped of their riding privileges for up to 30 days.  Additionally, repeat violators will be fined $19.99.

Private employers are also reportedly considering a similar ban in employee breakrooms.


imageAnchorage, Alaska – Everybody is talking about “polar vortex,’ the weather phonomenon that has brought extreme frigid temperatures in the mid and eastern sections of the United States. So is Sarah Palin.

In a townhall meeting aimed at debunking claims of global warming, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate said that the record winter weather currently being experienced by many Americans is proof that  “the globe is not getting warmer as claimed by leftist environmentalists.” “As a matter of fact, the globe is becoming colder,” she added.

When asked by an audience member what she thinks of the polar vortex, Palin said that environmentalists and citizens alike should do all they can to protect this endangered arctic animal.

Apparently, Palin thought that polar vortex is one of the  animals found in Alaska, Canada and other places in the arctic region like the polar bear, muskox, caribou and arctic fox.


imageSan Francisco, California – Paper or plastic? The City by the Bay that regulated Happy Meal toys, banned plastic grocery bags, and practically outlawed smoking, has a new target in its super radical health-conscious, eco-friendly crosshairs: plastic water bottles.

City officials are considering an ordinance that would require owners of new and renovated buildings with water fountains to install special bottle-filling taps. The law is designed to encourage thirsty people to refill containers instead of reaching for another bottle of Evian, Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead, Alhambra or Aquafina. Now, Supervisor David Chiu is also proposing immediately banning water bottles in parks and other public venues.

If the proposed ordinance is passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and approved by Mayor Ed Lee, the only water that would be allowed to be sold, distributed and consumed in buildings and public parks would be water in paper bags.

Already, warehouse stores like Costco, Target and Walmart are considering a huge public relations campaign to oppose the proposed ordinance because it would significantly cut their sales of bottled water cases, a very popular item in their inventory.

It’s time to start saving your brown paper bags. They may be the only way you would be able to drink your water in public if you live in, or visit, San Francisco.