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No, Senator Grace Poe Did Not Call Pinoy Ako Blog’s Jover Laurio ‘Pangit’

95146A29-B43F-4241-986D-5F26564830D7MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If there is one thing that Pinoy Ako Blog’s Jover Laurio hates the most is being called ‘pangit’ (ugly).  She is ready to take anyone who calls her that to court.

So, when the blogosphere erupted with the rumor that during today’s Senate hearing on fake news, Senator Grace Poe called Laurio, ‘pangit,’ both Poe and Laurio called it fake news.

What Poe actually told Laurio was”: ‘May pangil ka rin’ (you also have fangs).

(Poe was chiding Laurio for saying that many pro-Duterte bloggers have hit her with below-the-belt comments and criticism.)

We guess fangs are less offensive than ugliness.


Exclusive: Our Lip-reading Expert Deciphers President Trump’s Star-spangled Banner Lyrics

269DE68B-7281-49C6-8C96-2C073F9BC2FBWASHINGTON, D.C.  (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – News and social media were abuzz with video clips showing U.S. President Donal Trump mouthing what appeared like incorrect lyrics to the Star-spangled banner.

(Trump has been very critical about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem at major sports events.)

We asked our expert lip-readerto try to decipher Trump’s lyrics, and here’s what he came up with:


Protesting U.P. Students Expelled!

13D4AEA3-FB46-4324-BF3A-DB661AD31026.jpegQUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Dozens of student activists at the University of the Philippines were expelled for their participation at a recent protest rally seeking to overthrow the Duterte government.

During the nationwide protest, the students displayed a ‘memorandum’ declaring Duterte and the U.S. as the “number one terrorists.”

A spokesperson for the U.P. Chancellor at U.P. Diliman said that the activists were expelled not for their political activity but for bringing shame to the state university.

In their “memo,” the students committed a grammatical error that even a third grader wouldn’t make.

The memo said, “We, student councils from across the UP Systems, declares…”

Third graders know that the verb used should have been “declare.”

There were other grammatical errors in the memo.

”We apologize to the Filipino taxpayers for using their hard-earned money to fund the education of these students,” the spokesperson said.