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Jim Paredes Hurriedly Leaves The Philippines For Australia

D3085FC7-2A27-4B91-90DB-D2BFD42FF79CMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Duterte critic and entertainer Jim Paredes hurriedly left for his second home Australia after two significant news developments reached his attention: the possible crash into earth of a Chinese space lab and North Korea’s statement regarding an imminent nuclear war.

Paredes is a dual citizen of the Philippines and Australia.

In a text message to The Adobo Chronicles, Paredes said he was very scared about the twin news and that his first impulse was to stay as far away as possible from harms way.

“Unlike the Philippines, Australia is  a remote pathway for either the space lab debris or the nuclear bomb because of its proximity from North Korea and the trajectory of the falling debris,” Paredes said.

Well, we can’t blame him. Survival first before politics.




Rare Fish Species Found In The Philippines

4C404D3A-B33F-4D05-9410-FD8986895EA1.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Addobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Remember when the Philippine national daily, Inquirer, published a photo showing a “horse-driven” cart — the horse looking a lot like a carabao?

Well, the carabao seems to be mutating in many ways.

Today, the Bureau of Fisheries announced the discovery of a rare fish species never before seen anywhere in the world.

FEBAFDF5-FD10-4088-B6C4-865B42EF912BThe fish looks like a normal fish except for its head which resembles the head of a carabao.  Forget about “beast of burden.”  Is this the “fish of burden?”

Could what’s happening in the Philippines the effect of global warming?