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Revealed: Philippines More Advanced Than Russia In Covid Vaccine Trials

MANILA. Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There is so much talk and speculation about Russia’s recent announcement that it has approved the world’s first vaccine against Covid-19.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has even promised that he will be the first to volunteer when the vaccine becomes available in the Philippines.

The Russian vaccine, called Sputnik-V could start Phase 3 of its clinical trials involving volunteers in Russia and other countries, including the Philippines.

But Vice President Leni Robredo criticized the proposed clinical trials in the Philippines, saying that the country is already far more advanced than Russia when it comes to developing a coronavirus vaccine.

To prove her point, Robredo released a map of one of the ongoing clinical trials in one of the new subdivisions being developed by Vista Land, owned by the family of Senator Cynthia Villar.

Compared to the Russian vaccine which is now just entering its Phase 3 of clinical trials, this development is already in its advanced Phase 4-B.

The trials are being conducted in an undisclosed facility located on Lot 7, Block 3, Phase 4-B.

U.S. To Shut Down Guantanamo Bay, Will Move Detainees To ISP

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – The United States has finally succumbed to pressure and demands from the international community that its detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba — mostly housing suspected terrorists — be closed permanently.

Today, President Donald Trump authorized the padlocking of the detention center and the transfer of the prisoners to a newly-launched detention facility — in space.

Earlier, Trump signed a new measure creating a 6th branch of the U.S. military — the U.S. Space Force.

Apparently, part of the new measure has also authorized the launch of the ISP. No, it has nothing to do with Internet Service Providers.  Rather, it is an orbiting satellite known as the International Space Prison.  It will dock with the existing International Space Station.

The White House told The Adobo Chronicles  that it has taken this bold step as a means of ensuring that the human race will never be bothered again by the terrorists who will be given a one-way ticket to space.

All the current detainees at Guantanamo Bay will be transfered to the ISP which will be managed by the new U.S. Space Force.

Adobo Chronicles To Close Its Philippine Bureau in 2020

View of Manila, Philippines from the International Space Station

SAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chonicles, San Jose Bureau) – Since 2013, The Adobo Chronicles (AC) has been reporting unbelievable news from its bureaus worldwide, including the Philippines.

But starting in 2020, the San Jose, Calfornia-based news outfit will say goodbye to its Philippine Bureau.

Its Philippine Bureau will be relocated to the Intenational Space Station.  AC will hold the distinction of the first news outlet to establish news operations in space.

The decision follows the signing by President Donald Trump of a new measure creating the 6th branch of the U.S. Military — the U.S. Space Force.

”Now that we are assured of a safe space for our news operations as a result of the creation of the U.S. Space Force, we are ready to explore the rest of the universe,” AC’s publisher said.

AC wil continue to report on Philippine developments but it will do so on a better perspective from above.  It will be able to monitor events not only in the Philippines but elsewhere on earth with the help of space technology.

Upon hearing of the AC announcement, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa reportedly  reprimanded her market development staff for not having the foresight to do what AC is now doing.  “We just lost the opportunity to be ahead of the curve.  Shall we remain on earth just holding the line?”  she told her board of directors and staff.