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Garlic braids being sold at last year's Gilroy Garlic Festival. (Photo credit: Rene Astudillo)
Garlic braids being sold at last year’s Gilroy Garlic Festival. (Photo credit: Rene Astudillo)

Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Garlic, a common ingredient in Filipino cooking, has all but disappeared from markets and other retail outlets in the past few weeks. Where there is limited supply, prices have more than doubled or tripled to three hundred pesos (about $7) per kilogram for the imported variety and one hundred eighty pesos for local produce.

The garlic shortage and price hikes have prompted the Philippine  Agriculture Department to ration the all-important commodity and flood the markets with its limited inventory.

But that is not the big news.

Filipinos from all over the country have reported an unusual increase in sightings of vampires.  Garlic is known to be the most effective defense against vampires.  Most Filipino homes put up garlic braids in windows and  doors to repel vampires.

Meanwhile, the city of Gilroy in California, has offered to ship several tons of garlic to the Philippines to help ease the shortage and price hikes.  Gilroy is the garlic capital of the United States.  The city is currently gearing up for the annual  garlic festival scheduled for July.