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o0xOxford, England (The Adobo Chronicles) – Each year, new words are added to the Oxford Dictionary — which describes itself as “the definite record of the English language” and published by the Oxford University Press.

Among the new words added this year is “Selfitis.”

In March this year, The Adobo Chronicles  broke the story that the American Psychiatric Association (APA)officially classified ‘selfies’ as a mental disorder, calling it “Selfitis.”image45

The disorder is defined as the obsessive-compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self  and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy. APA said there are three levels of the disorder: borderline, acute and chronic selfitis.

In deciding to add “Selfitis” to their dictionary, Oxford said that “no other word in the history of the English language has caught the attention of millions of people worldwide within a short period of time, dominating news stories, songs, television shows, Facebook posts and Tweets, as has “Selfitis.”

In  responding to criticism that “itis” means “inflammation” and that the disorder as defined by the APA is more of an addiction, Oxford decided to add a second definition in its dictionary entry, as follows:

Selfitis (self-i’tis) n. inflammation of the ego

However, the word “Selfitis” failed to be named Oxford Dictionaries’ “Word of the Year.”  The 2014 Word of the Year is “Vape,”  used to describe the process of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette (or “vape pen”).

Last year’s word of the year was “Selfies.”


San Francisco Filipino American designer Michael Bello with the 'Hot Cop of Castro'  (Photo courtesy of Bello's selfie)
San Francisco Filipino American designer Michael Bello with the ‘Hot Cop of Castro’ (Photo courtesy of Bello’s selfie)

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Everyone wants a photo with Chris Kohrs, and television stations want an interview with him.

Kohrs, of course, is the ‘Hot Cop of Castro,’ the San Francisco police officer whose photos have gone viral and whose recently-created Facebook fan page has generated over 25,000 ‘likes’ and counting.  His hot photos – in and out of his police uniform – have created a frenzy never before seen in the gay Castro district or elsewhere. He is constantly being pursued in the streets by fans, gay and straight alike.

A memorandum from the San Francisco Police Department, obtained by The Adobo Chronicles, shows that Kohrs has been placed on paid administrative leave because of his growing popularity.  A spokesperson for SFPD says that the department was left with no choice but to take this action because Kohrs can no longer perform his regular duties due to the mounting requests for media interviews as well as the wave of photo requests he gets from fans while patroling the streets of San Francisco.

SFPD is confident that Kohrs’ popularity will eventually wind down, and at that point, the administrative sanction will be lifted.


A restaurant menu board: hashtag overkill
A restaurant menu board: hashtag overkill

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Social media giants Facebook and Twitter jointly announced today that they are eliminating the use of hashtags (#) from all user accounts.

Hashtags are used before words and phrases to expand the reach of tweets and Facebook posts. They are also a way for netizens to determine what’s trending on the Internet.

The announcement came after the U.S. National Association of Schools and Universities (NASU) complained that the extensive use of hashtags is responsible for a decline in grammar efficiency among students, as well as in the national GPA average.

A spokesperson for NASU said that it is time to go back to the good old grammar school and to banish all the technological advances in messaging and communications, especially hashtags and abbreviations like ‘LOL’ and ‘LMAO.’

The Adobo Chronicles learned of the way in which Facebook and Twitter will eliminate hashtags:

Everytime someone types in a hashtag in a tweet or message, a central computer will immediately detect the character and automatically delete it.

There are rumors that Apple and Microsoft are considering eliminating the hashtag sign from their future computer and smart phone keyboards.