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Mocha Uson Beats Kris Aquino To Be Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Co-Host

L-R: Aquino, Uson, Harvey

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was Kris Aquino’s dream gig. A big way to stage her comeback from her on-again, off-again retirement from show business.

When the Miss Universe Organization announced its search for a Filipino female co-host for the pageant finals to be held in Manila on January 29 (January 30 Philippine time), the former presidential sister and “Queen of All Media” immediately signed up to audition for the prized gig.

Today, Aquino received a text message from the organization that she has not been selected to be Steve Harvey’s co-host.

The disappointing news became even more devastating when she learned that the person chosen to co-host the show is entertainer-turned-politcal blogger Mocha Uson.

In an exclusive interview with The Adobo Chronicles,  a spokesperson for the Miss Universe Organization who spoke on condition of anonymity said that despite the two ladies’ almost equal talent, Uson was chosen because of her popularity (she has over 4 million Facebook followers).  Additionally, the pageant executives wanted someone who looks like a beauty queen and whose features closely represent the Filipina beauty.

So ladies, if you want to increase your chances in show business, forget the skin-whitener and hair dye.  You’re beautiful as you are. Naturally.


Broadcaster Korina Sanchez Says Husband Mar Roxas Wears Tattered Clothes, Posts Photo To Prove It

imageMAGSAYSAY, Davao del Sur (The Adobo Chronicles) – Philippine presidential candidate Mar Roxas may be wealthy but he likes to lead a simple life.

“He prefers simple things and does not mind wearing tattered clothes,” according to his wife, TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez.

“I know my husband very well,” Sanchez said on Wednesday, trying to portray Roxas as not that much different from the lowly farmers who gathered in Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, to receive assistance from the national government.

To prove her point, Sanchez posted a photo of her husband on her Facebook page, saying that this was how her husband dressed during a dinner the couple hosted at their home for the New Year.  In the photo, Roxas is shown wearing a tattered brown suit which looked like it was burned by a flat iron in several places.  He wasn’t wearing a tie either.


imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Hush!  Philippine Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. urged Filipinos and the media to STFU (shut up) because it is hurting the country’s tourism industry.

Jimenez was referring to the laglag bala  or tanim bala scheme at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in which airport personnel allegedly “plant” bullets in bags of unsuspecting airline passengers in order to extort money.

Speaking at a weekly forum at the Luneta Hotel, Jimenez said reports on the tanim bala demonstrate the media’s tendency to discuss issues “to death until it actually injures our own interest.”

“I am very concerned on both ends of it — not only because it is a symptom of corruption that we have yet to uproot, it is also a symptom that sometimes as a country we don’t know when to stop talking about something,” he said.

Jimenez went as far as recommending to President Aquino to change the administration’s anti-corruption mantra from Daang Matuwid (straight path) to Daang Matahimik (quiet path).