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Mocha Uson Beats Kris Aquino To Be Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Co-Host

L-R: Aquino, Uson, Harvey

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was Kris Aquino’s dream gig. A big way to stage her comeback from her on-again, off-again retirement from show business.

When the Miss Universe Organization announced its search for a Filipino female co-host for the pageant finals to be held in Manila on January 29 (January 30 Philippine time), the former presidential sister and “Queen of All Media” immediately signed up to audition for the prized gig.

Today, Aquino received a text message from the organization that she has not been selected to be Steve Harvey’s co-host.

The disappointing news became even more devastating when she learned that the person chosen to co-host the show is entertainer-turned-politcal blogger Mocha Uson.

In an exclusive interview with The Adobo Chronicles,  a spokesperson for the Miss Universe Organization who spoke on condition of anonymity said that despite the two ladies’ almost equal talent, Uson was chosen because of her popularity (she has over 4 million Facebook followers).  Additionally, the pageant executives wanted someone who looks like a beauty queen and whose features closely represent the Filipina beauty.

So ladies, if you want to increase your chances in show business, forget the skin-whitener and hair dye.  You’re beautiful as you are. Naturally.



Katy Perry at Sunday's Super Bowl Half-time Show
Katy Perry at Sunday’s Super Bowl Half-time Show

GLENDALE, Arizona (The Adobo Chronicles) – Super Bowl XLIX will go down in history as the most divisive sports event in the history of the United States. And we’re not even talking about the Patriots or the Seahawks and their minions of fans.

We’re talking about Katy Perry, the featured performer during the football game’s half-time show. Her performance practically divided the country in half.

USA Today‘s headline read: “Katy Perry Blew Away The Super Bowl Half-time Show.” The New York Daily News had a different opinion, describing Perry’s show, “more girlie meow than roar.”

Netizens posted, “It’s all theatrics” while others said “I’ve never been a fan of Perry, but I am now.”

Asian Americans were disappointed that Perry didn’t wear a Geisha costume. Native Americans wished she wore a feather headdress while sitting atop that monstrous mechanical lion. Latinos were one in saying about the performance, “No, no se puede.”  Finally,  African Americans said Missy Elliott should have been the featured performer instead of Perry.

What are we to do? Damned if you don’t. Damned if you do. Welcome to America!


cnn-logo1Atlanta, Georgia – Cable News Network (CNN) has announced that it is acquiring the E (Entertainment) Channel and that it is transitioning out of its normal news content.  The announcement came just days after Al Jazeera America debuted on U.S. television sets beginning Tuesday this week.  CNN was apparently threatened by the Qatar-owned international news network that boasts of news bureaus around the world, from the Philippines to South Africa.  Al Jazeera America promised news programming that is less sensational, less opinionated, more in-depth and more accurate.

CNN’s top officials acknowledged that the network cannot compete with the resources and talent that is being brought into the American market by Al Jazeera television.  Additionally ratings after ratings show that the number of CNN viewers in the U.S. have declined over the years, claiming only half the viewership of FOX News which maintains its lead over all the other cable news networks.  CNN is second in ratings, followed by Headline News (HLN) and MSNBC. images

On the other hand, CNN has found its niche in entertainment television, as shown by its recent coverage of the George Zimmerman trial and the wait for the arrival of England’s Royal baby.  The network’s ratings also went up each time it covered celebrity gossips — from Lindsay Lohan to Justin Bieber.  CNN also admitted that its political pundits and so-called experts are getting a bit old and tired of doing the same thing, 24 hours a day.

E-Entertainment-LogoBy purchasing the E Channel, CNN expects to recover from its financial losses and gain monopoly of big-time advertisers that usually support Hollywood-type content. CNN is also expected to eventually phase out its sister network, HLN.