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San Francisco, Los Angeles Airports Ban Manny Pacquiao


LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Filipino boxer and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao may not make it to Las Vegas for his April 9 fight with  Timothy Bradley, Jr. Here’s why:

Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco International Airports have banned Pacquiao from passing through.  There is no direct flight from Manila to Las Vegas.  International passengers heading for Las Vegas have to stop at the L.A. or San Francisco airports which are major ports of entry.

The ban is the result of Pacquiao’s early public comment comparing gay men and women to “worse than animals.”  L.A. and San Francisco are known to be a mecca for the LGBT community.

Earlier, Pacquiao was banned from an upscale mall in Los Angeles also because of his anti-gay comments.  This is the second time that the boxer has been banned from The Grove mall. He was similarly banned years ago when he “castigated” LGBT’s by quoting bible verses (Leviticus) condemning homosexuals and homosexual behaviour.

So it looks like Pacquiao will not only be able to shop or see a movie at the L.A. mall; he will not be able to travel to Las Vegas for his boxing match on April 9.

Perhaps, he will just focus on his senatorial campaign in the Philippines.

Metro Manila Shares Rare Honor With Los Angeles

Los, Angeles, not Metro Manila
Los Angeles, not Metro Manila

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Despite being in a third-world country, Metro Manila in the Philippines shares a rare honor with Los Angeles.

The metropolitan area in Southern California has earned the distinction of having the worst traffic in all of the United States.

Metro Manila has the same distinction not only in the Philippines but throughout the world, which makes such distinction more prized than that of L.A.

Los Angelinos are committed to surpass Manila’s record.  A grassroots movement has been established by L.A. motorists to make traffic even worse that it already is — with the goal of beating Metro Manila’s traffic record.

But the Filipinos are committed to hang on to their title for years to come.  So good luck, L.A.!


Filipino lumpia

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles ) – Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists assigned to the Los Angeles International Airport recently seized 450 prohibited pork meat tamales discovered inside the luggage of a passenger arriving from Mexico.

Foreign meat products which can carry serious animal diseases are subject to Customs inspection, can be seized and destroyed, and passengers carrying them could be fined for misdeclaration. The tamales were destroyed and the traveler was fined $1,000.

Across the Pacific Ocean, the Los Angeles incident gave  schemers at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) a new idea for extorting money from unsuspecting passengers.

The new scheme involves the ‘planting’ of pork lumpia (Filipino egg roll) in the luggage of passengers who are then  asked to pay money to avoid being detained for intense questioning. It is a takeoff from the much-publicized laglag bala (bullet planting) which has caused a big stir at NAIA.

The newer, tamer extortion scheme has been given a name : laglag lumpia.