Metro Manila Shares Rare Honor With Los Angeles

Los, Angeles, not Metro Manila
Los Angeles, not Metro Manila

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Despite being in a third-world country, Metro Manila in the Philippines shares a rare honor with Los Angeles.

The metropolitan area in Southern California has earned the distinction of having the worst traffic in all of the United States.

Metro Manila has the same distinction not only in the Philippines but throughout the world, which makes such distinction more prized than that of L.A.

Los Angelinos are committed to surpass Manila’s record.  A grassroots movement has been established by L.A. motorists to make traffic even worse that it already is — with the goal of beating Metro Manila’s traffic record.

But the Filipinos are committed to hang on to their title for years to come.  So good luck, L.A.!

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