Donald Trump Announces VP Running Mate, Cabinet Line-up


MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Following his big win in today’s Super Tuesday 3 primaries, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump officially announced his choice for vice presidential running mate as well as his Cabinet appointees.

It has become apparent that the fierce contest for the GOP nomination was a mere show, a reality TV episode of sorts.  All of his appointees were his fellow candidates for the presidential nomination.

Chris Christie, as many have guessed after that “deer caught in the headlight” appearance at a Trump rally after the New Jersey governor dropped out of the race, is the choice for vice president. Christie will concurrently serve as press secretary.

His full line-up for Cabinet positions is as follows:

Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Rand Paul, Co-Secretaries of Health and Human Services
Marco Rubio, Secretary of Homeland Security, concurrently Secretary of the Interior
Carly Fiorina, Commerce Secretary
Jeb Bush, Secretary of Defense, concurrently Secretary of (low) Energy
Ted Cruz, Secretary of State
Bobby Jindal, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Rick Perry, Secretary of Education
Lindsey Graham, Secretary of Agriculture
Mike Huckabee, Secretary of Religion (new Cabinet position)
Rick Santorum, Secretary of Justice
George Pataki, Secretary of Veteran Affairs
John Kasich, Secretary of Transportation
Scott Walker, Treasury Secretary

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has yet to name her VP running mate and Cabinet line up. It is almost a given that she will choose Bernie Sanders as the VP candidate.


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