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onion-cnn-300x300Atlanta, Georgia – The bleeding in the country’s newsrooms never seems to stop.  All around the country, newsrooms are laying off personnel. Newspapers are paring down their circulation.  Television news networks are moving more and more towards entertainment content.  Above all, mergers between and among media companies are becoming a weekly occurrence.

The latest announced merger is between Cable News Network (CNN), the pioneer in 24-hour broadcast news, and  The Onion, the pioneer in organized news satire. Many in the journalism profession saw it coming, especially after’s managing editor Meredith Artley appeared as a guest columnist in the latest issue of The Onion.  Artley’s column delved on why made Miley Cyrus’ almost pornographic performance at the last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards its top story on Monday.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker, in making the announcement at the network’s headquarters in Atlanta, said that the merger of the two media outlets cannot be more perfect. “It’s a partnership made in heaven,” Zucker said.  “Time and again, consumers of news have seen the parallelism between the CNN and The Onion styles of reporting. Both outlets excel in entertainment, sensationalism, and fakery,” he added.

The Adobo Chronicles interviewed people on the street to get their reaction to the merger.  One avid news consumer was ecstatic, saying that “finally, I do not have to decide which news is true and which is fake.  Now I know to consider this one (merged) news source as totally fake.”