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imageHollywood, California – Hollywood is known for its radical and out-of -this-world ideas, and this year’s Oscar ceremonies are not an exception.

When the stars alight from their rented limousines, they will be stepping on the red carpet. Except that the carpet will not be red.

The board of governors the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences unanimously voted to approve a plan to  install a rainbow-colored carpet  that will line the arrival area just outside of the Dolby Theater, venue of the 2014 Oscar ceremonies. The decision is Hollywood’s way of celebrating last year’s banner year for marriage equality in the country. To date, 17 of the U.S. states have now legalized same-sex marriage through legislation, the ballot box or the courts.

This announcement sent dozens and dozens of Hollywood stars scrambling to shop for alternative gowns and colors that would not be lost amid the multi-colored walkway.

This year’s production team also sent notices to the stars that as part of the goal to cut down the overall time for the ceremonies by at least two hours, no one will be allowed more than a minute to move through the entire 50-yard walkway. Ladies have been advised to strut along while the men have been asked to jog across the rainbow carpet.image

The queen of fashion police, Joan Rivers, and her daughter were reportedly fuming at this new development, along with the fashion commentators from the major television and cable networks. “It will not only significantly cut our advertising revenue but also the fun that goes with criticizing the gowns, handbags, shoes, jewelry and hair-do’s of the actors, actresses and other celebrities,” they complained.

The national lgbt advocacy organization, the Human Rights Campaign, praised the decision as expected.