imageHollywood, California – ‘Let It Go,’ from the Disney animated film ‘Frozen’ is considered by many as the frontrunner to win the Oscar for Best Song.

Composed by Filipino American Robert Lopez and wife Kristen, the nominated song was all set to be performed live for the first time by singer/actress Idina Menzel who was the voice behind the film’s Queen Elsa.  But things happen. Menzel has come down with the flu and will not be able to perform at Sunday’s Academy Awards show.

But no worries, Disney producers have chosen a replacement to sing the song at The Oscars: Miley Cyrus.  And it will be a very elaborate production, Disney style. The Adobo Chronicles learned that while Cyrus will not be twerking like she did at the last MTV Music Video Awards, she will be chained to a sculpted block of ice wearing the same outfit she wore at the MTV show, which means practically nothing. The ice is timed to fully melt by the time Cyrus ends the song. Then she will be “let go.” image

A national organization called Moms For Wholesome TV is planning to picket the awards show at the Dolby Theater to protest Cyrus’ performance. “The Oscars are supposed to be a family-oriented show, and to subject our young kids to more of Cyrus’ runaway x-rated performances is just unacceptable and immoral, especially if she sings a nominated song from a kids’ movie,” the moms said.

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